Bots in arena

Yep. Queued against an Ele/Outlaw yesterday at 2500+ in 3s where they were BOTH botting. Ele insta shearing, walling at 50%, very questionable movement, very questionable knockbacks and unleash shields, insta tremoring any fear on his healer etc. Biggest giveaway for me was that I silenced the Ele, feared his healer, and then he instantly tremored a fear that had a maximum of 1 second left on it after the silence ended.

The Outlaw bot is 1000x more disgusting though.

Maybe… And just hear me out here! Blizzard implemented bots to make it seem like there’s still more than 1% of the player base left touching PvP LMAO

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I will not touch PvP again, besides maybe ubranked Bgs until there are a TON of good tuning changes

BOTS and cheater are banned and get detected asap if the try i4 on a new ACC

Will this happen NO

So here i am M+ main player

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What was the eles name though? Asking cause the only ele bot I encountered this ssn was the guy who made the bot. He’s still running it in shuffle. I’ve seen his char pop up on ladder the other week. He’s probably gonna try to push another shuffle #1 plus glad in 3v3 and sell the character, like last ssn.

As far as I understand, he’s not allowed to sell the bot anymore because of copyright infringement, otherwise he will be sued into oblivion. I might be wrong though, going off of information spread on Twitter.

Also I’m like 70% sure the guy who is responsible for the ele bot (at least the one that was high rating viable, not the cheap 1800 russian bot(s)) is also responsible for the outlaw bot.

Eßolt (Ele) and Shítstain (Rogue)

Idk I don’t pay attention to that stuff.

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dude exactly this is the guy what i have faced yesterday, and i was like??? this dude is sus, he shadowmeld my stun, he pre evasion my second stun, pre feint stun, and his opener is always so goofy, when the gate opens, he use adrenaline rush, even when u sit in your starter base in nagrand.
also he blind in the exact second when u use trinket and sap/stun you, and this consistently over 3 games always the same pattern.

gate opens, before he enters stealth, adrenaline rush, blade flurry, stealth and then sprint

also he shadowmeld disarm.

i spam reported this guy already 3x times

Also face à dh at 2k4 in shuffle, he was so bad, never cc correctly (and never cc healer at all) impossible to fake cast, perfectly immune stuff all rounds etc…

The last round I recognize it was a bot cause he was stuck walking into the barrier for 2min in black rook old.

Still I find it insane that the bot can play (if I can say xD) so bad and be 2k4.
Sure you never do mistakes but if you play terrible seems insane to win.

If they ban bots every single day they show up it actually helps the people who make the bots as they can figure out the 1 thing that got them caught. If you wait 3-6 months and do a ban wave it’s harder for them to adjust and release a newer version of the bot.

The easiest way to ensure the ban is to look at any and all credit card details associated with the accounts known to bot and stop them from purchasing a new game / game time / token etc.

Blizzard wont do that, as that would stop their earnings.

yeah it´s crazy, give the tech 4-6 more Years, and u wont see the difference between a Ai bot, and a good Human player

from what i have heard, league of legends do every 3-5 Weeks a banweave, and it works

u dont know, how easy it is for an company, to ban every single bot in under 1 second, when the game is free

thats the main reason, bot´s cant improve as fast as the anti cheat/bot system from Blizz, Russian basement devs have no chance.

but it´s all about money, look alone in Sod how many stockades bots this game has, imagine banning 120k bot´s at once

Yeah I mean that is every Outlaw in the game right now, because you have a talent that makes these buffs freeze in time when you are in stealth, so you press them instantly so the CD starts running.

Nothing to do with being a bot.

Doesn’t do much. Going by last season, it took Blizzard on average 3-5 months to ban some of the most obvious ele bots, regardless of how many reports they gathered to that point and I don’t believe this to change anytime soon, since they ban them in waves only.

Well, unless there was a wave 2 days ago, they are banning them because I had in game mail about action being taken about someone I reported.

weird, i only saw 2 Peoples who doing it, and one of the guys was just a bot

everyone else used it after cheap shot when they open me

lmao, this game is just weird never played one in df, thought it freeze when u have a combo point rng casino proc or something

is the freeze thing new?

but yeah if u see Shítstain, just disarm him, he will shadowmeld it, it´s a bot, 3 Peoples on my Bnet which have more xp than me said it, Veetea said it, so yeah just send the report

yeah, they banned nerfele 2 or 3 times, and this parasite came instantly back with wow hero edition and a free max level boost, what a sad state that theres close to zero risk beeing a robot

It was introduced with the rework and I assure you every Outlaw with more than a one digit IQ presses AR BF when gates open and then goes into Stealth.

The talent is called Underhanded Upper Hand if you want to look it up.

good to know, ty sir

Joe made a bot list

Eßbolt take place 1 as a bot user

Today actually the first day I encountered dh’s bots at around 2.3mmr and it was 4 different dh’s what the actual duck is going on with this game…

i think ele bots swapped to dh cuz it does more dmg, and is easier to get 2.4-2.7 as an full robot

friend of mine using a bot too, he is on the bot discord, and these peoples posting screens in the chat from a solo shuffle win, and mocking other peoples and call them trash or freewin

sometimes when a banweave happens, some peoples getting hit by it, the friend of mine too, but they laugh at blizzard, and say “ah i just buy the hero edition again, and get a free max level boost”

the friend of mine bought already 4x wow hero edition for the instat boost, according to him, his full robot getting banned every 3-4 months, so enough time to get elite/glad with it, what is anyway accbound.

It’s the same as the previous 2 seasons… Everytime one of these bots got banned, he would just buy new account and show up on ladder again after 2 days. Banning them does nothing, since most of them just come back immediately, while everyday more of these degens jump on the bandwagon.

They really need to start hardware banning them, so these people gotta start buying new motherboards in order to be able to keep playing. This won’t stop all of them, but at least it will make it way more obnoxious and probably deter most of them from doing so.


yeah, they are like fruit flys, you can’t get rid of them xd

i wish they could do it, but isnt it illegal in eu? i know in South Korea this is actually a thing, if u cheat in lost ark, or dota u get a hardware ban for using a bot