Bots in arena

just q at 2.2 - 2.4 mmr and you face AI bots on daily basis.
Most obvious on ele shamans, you even face DHs botting now?

While dmg rotation scripts doesn’t seem that obvious. Interrupting casts perma on 15% or 75% in exact same millisecond on a 1,0 second cast is not possible for a human. at least not 19 shears in row, while the average 2.2 cr player has 0-4 kicks per game.
Also pathing and movement makes it insane obvious.

Yesterday we faced an DH/ele/rsham team 4-5 times in one session. Both dps botting…
One of them got 2.2 av and av for 100 arena wins on that char in these games. Congratulations

I never was interested in whining on the forums in any of the years I’m playing, nor I was mad or salty about worst balance. Maybe it’s easy to say when you are good enough and I’m just old and bad these days after I was already retired due to how bad shadowlands was.
But I feel like their should be at least way more action from Blizzard to keep Arena as an competitive environment fair.

Ban cheaters faster!
thank you


It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to buy scripts in the store. … fk I might be giving them ideas here. Rip.


I noticed dh perfectly always backflip my cc or threatening dmg, I’ve never realized if a guy is botting or not but tbh so often now it can’t be a bad luck moment.

(of topic but I played with you op at 2k3, one of the best and fun lobby this season).

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It used to be really easy to spot because they use click to move and if you stutter walk it is almost like they have follow on you. Don’t know if that is still the case tho.

look at this guy* - he`s performing likewise the top rogues at 2600 mmr

somehow he forget the grid obejct in black rook cant be passed.

*one could assume its a program instead of a real person, but who am I to judge…

h ttps://


i add this sec

behind this bot isnt even a real human, and the worst part about this is, it was 2.4.

since solo shuffle u see allot of these bot´s

i know 2 peoples from a private server they bot since df season 1 they got banned 3x times, but they just buy wow hero edition, and come back in under 1 week with an full geared twink

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I believe there is various qualities and I would imagine some have optimization as having movement done by yourself and the program using x for y and things like this. I honestly have no idea but I would imagine it is customizable what all you want the program to do as that was possible even for the cheaters in cs and whatever 20 years ago.

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Outlaw botting seems to be the new wave as well.

Also the highest rated SP in shuffle is botting on 3 characters rofl.

The incompetence of this company is embarrassing.


what about PvE? shouldnt be Bots in M+ pretty insane? perfect rotations kicks and dodges?

Yes there are bots even in PvE. But its also harder to see if they are in there, atleast to my knowledge.

Got in game mail today saying that actions have been taken against cheaters/exploiters I reported.

Decent but shame they’ll be back in no time.

But people on here are adamant there are no bots in arena and we’re all just bad…


now explain how outlaw bot mentioned in this topic and sp bot do more dps than normal human?
it is not some damage cheats, it is just bot which does icy veins pve rotation in soloshuffle
sp and outlaw bots do same dmg as me, dh, most broken dps spec rn in pvp. I don’t mess up my “dps rotation in pvp”, so my dmg in arena is highest as possible

so basically if sp bot can stand in the middle, cast without faking, and do dh dps, why cant average sp do it? normal sp → 40k dps, this bot → perma 120k dps on free casting whole game
same with outlaw, normal human outlaw → 40k dps, outlaw bot → 80k dps whole game meanwhile infinite cc

Can you show me one person on here that has denied the existence of bots? DH bots are just hilarious.

And here you are wrong. Bots can react to procs instantly. Know exactly what spell will do exactly how much DMG depending on buffs, procs, different stacks you currently have. A normal human being won’t react instantly to every proc, buff, debuff, CD you use or enemy uses a bot will and it won’t waste a single cast.

They can also have perfect CC chains, perfect interrupts on only specific spells at only 90% cast. Can always land perfect deaths, use CDs perfectly in sync always, perfect rotation, no lag, no brain lag.

So even if you stand still in the middle a good bot will still greatly outperform your DPS and react faster to enemies.

Genuine question: are ele shaman bots still a thing? I haven’t queued shuffle in months, so I’m clueless. I heard about the DH/rog situation though. Appaerently it’s almost every lobby, but I’m playing high MMR 3s a lot and I haven’t encountered many, while last season there were a ton of eles botting in 3s, even going to the extent of queueing double ele.

As far as I know, the guy responsible for the high rating viable ele shaman bot, which was plaguing last season, got copystriked by Blizz and while the bot still exsists and he himself is using it (the only ele bot I encountered this season), he is unable to distribute it to his customers, unless he wants to face prosecution.

what happend to nerfele, Does he have no money left and now has to live in mom’s basement?

only this? i wish this guy go to jail for 25 years

Every yt clip currently seem to be about dh/outlaw bots but I dont see reason why couldnt still be bot on eles too. Seems nothing has changed related bots anyway, the obvious ones still so common that I only wonder how popular it really is to cheat actually considering how easy it would be if just have bit more sense to not make it as obvious. The ones that are shown on these recent clips from various streamers farming views from yt have been ppl botting 1600-2400 ranges some even had 1800 for their max on the account only. I believe botting is very popular on all ratings, people just dont realise the scale of this. I have witnessed it rampant on privas and would rather not see same happen to retail but I guess here we are.