Bots replying to ppl appeals and no one cares!

Hello Blizzard,
I just left the hospital from a depleted mental state because of what happened to me when you gave my account banned for 6 months that I received from you on a Saturday 5-9-2020 at 6:10 AM (Kuwait Time) I am very surprised and shocked because I always respect and follow your violated terms and conditions of the game, Privacy Policy & End user License Agreement. I am a player of wow since 2004 and I spent alot of money purchasing in game items and subscribtions and expantions ! I used to have a great time with my friends they was my real life … I am a person my life related to this game , and with the covid-19 pandemic im always at home playing with friends i dont go anywhere or do anything but play the game, it’s taking all my time and i am playing the game for most of my time, I have tried to suicide when I saw the 6 months ban and that’s why I was at hospital, I wrote a will to my family showing how frustrated I was when I lose my account for this banned and i also wrote a messege to the human rights foundation explaining how i was mistreated and lost the only thing that entertain me in this life, , and I have the prove for my medical report from hospital … Recently I played with my friend laptop and there could be something wrong with his device or something ” … I played with my friend laptop because of clear screen but really I don’t know anything about his device because usually my main device is an acer laptop and it’s not a gaming laptop or anything because I know how to use my laptop, im afraid that the problem was from my friend laptop because always I received massages and I didn’t give it any important reaction. I use 4G router for my devices from company in Kuwait called “VIVA”.
And with my friend laptop i used his internet and maybe that also could be the problem.
I really hope that you will help me that you bring me back my account and canceling the banned please.
And i was thinking maybe the problem is with the accounts associated with my email because i gave my friends the email and they opened several accounts and i know that is a mistake i made but i only play classic wow and dont care about other accounts and i will make sure that i change my account password and never give it to anyone else again.
I really don’t want to die because I cant think
of my life without my account and the game, and whats frustrating is that i am writing messeges to you and i am only getting bots responds and that kills me ! , please I am thinking of suicide but one of my friends told me if you contact the company they could return your account back so its my last chance of being in life is a hope that you could believe me and understand me and I can prove it or I will die and leaving this life with my lovely account.
My battle tag :
Email of account:

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It is very funny to hear another fiction from a young cheater who was justly punished. I hope this topic will be blocked soon. It’s a pity that your account was not blocked, but Blizzard can do it.

Suffer. I hope you’re in a lot of pain. I hope you’re crying, crying really hard.

I reported a bot for a month nothing happened still


Got to love those cheap orbs though

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