Bounty Hunters? Simple Life In WoW?

Of all the classes and specs, which most fit the theme of bounty hunters? Or at least the thematic idea we have of bounty hunters? The idea of bounty hunters and hired guns is always something that speaks to me in stories.

I’ve always been drawn to the ‘‘simple man making his way in the galaxy’’ theme in games as opposed to the titan-killing, class leading, king advising Mary Sue-esque characters we have now become. I much prefer the idea of the wanderer following a simple life but still engaging in the cosmic lore we have in game when needed.


I’d definetely say rogues would be the most fitting!


Anyone could become a Bountyhunter
Sure, Hunters (duh), Warriors and Rogues are fitting, but really depends on your backstory
Inquisitor-like Pirest who either fanatic enough to not just wait for the Light to pass Judgement, but activly hunting own crime or bounties (who are by deafult are bad guys for one reason or another) or simply just lost everything and only vengeance and Hunt remained, a Mage who made mistakes and was thrown out Dalaran/from the Army so have to make a living or even a Monk who want to achive Balance in the world by removing the undesirable elements… for money, after all, for your own inner peace and balance you CAN’T be too good, you have to have sins to balance out your virtues, like glutony or greed or lust or all of them
Druids a bit similar, protect the Earth Mother and Nature and nice and all, but to be effective, you need money… and as part of the Nature you are a born “predator” so to speak
The Shamans simply follow the Spirits advice, and there are lots of spirits and ancestors who probably would want you to help others by hunting down bounties
Paladins are tricky, but if anything the Scarlet Crusade is the proof, you don’t have to be a “good man” to be a Paladin… Simlarly like priests. Paladins could be inquistorous and self rightous
Death Knights and Demon Hunters are too restricted one might say, but even a Demon Hunter could hone his skills by hunting bounties and a Death Knight could be a “dark paladin” of sort, inqusitorous engine of retribution, and in a DK case a bounty literally CAN’T run from Death forever… and even after than it will follows you. Not to mention bounties could satiate that need of violance and death. A DK probably takes jobs: Dead or Alive, but preferably Dead" kind


I kind of agree woth both Zymara and Aelliana.

An interesting bounty hunter in World of Warcraft could be any class, although rogue might be the most obvious choice.

It’s your decision, but like Zymara hinted at, maybe a less obvious class would be more interesting, RP-wise…

Perhaps it even comes down to aesthetics;
If you have a fairly set vision of what you want this character to look like, maybe you’re restricted to certain classes because of armor or weapon proficiencies. Same goes if you want a certain playstyle or abilities :nerd_face:


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