Brackenhide Hollow

Someone find it as a fun or realisting thing to wait as a heal in queue for 30 mins then another 10 mins to craft one item?

If u char just have a profession but not a gear to clean it solo?
Imo absolutely toxic and disgusting thing at craft, or did i miss something?

At the start it was. It is actually not bad since you can save the cleared dungeon ID.

I only have to clear the dungeon if I make a mistake and enter without activating the previously clear ID.

I have a hearthstone set to Kaluak, a saved M0 instance and I still find the whole process an insult to crafters.

I have to hearthstone from wherever I am, fly into the dungeon, crawl my way to the very end of the dungeon, you can’t even mount at the last part.

Just to craft a stupid phial and even dumber toxic boots and armor patch.

You can say the tailoring looms, the Fyrraak assault tables or the Black Dragon forge “aren’t bad” because you can just fly there but they’re still bordering on idiotic.

The altar of decay is simply spiteful game design, there’s no defending it.

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