Brawlers Guild Progression

(Kazby) #1

Whenever I kill a boss in the Brawlers guild, there seems to be a 50% chance that I actually get credit for killing it. I still get the brawlers purse, but I don’t get the reputation for it. And it seems to be getting worse - I had to kill the giant worm boss in rank four 5 times before I got credit. And I’m still not getting credit for Sanoriak either.

It’s exactly the same with the quest chain. I had to kill Lord Sylysthrel 4 times before it finally dropped. And now I’m having the same issue with GG Engineering.

Does this commonly happen with people or am I doing something wrong? (Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this kind of post)


Are you waiting in place when it teleports you or you are traveling around arena waiting for boss to spawn? because if you move before boss spawns it sometimes bugs and is not giving credit.


Hello Kazby,

Customer support doesn’t handle bug reports. If you believe you’ve encountered a bug, you can see how to report it for any of our games on this support article.

While you won’t receive a response for your bug report, I assure you every submission is looked into.

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