Breaching the tomb still not account wide

But flying in legion will be ffa for some gold
What a surprise
Cause farming reps is too tedious but doing same quests 12 times is not!

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The current buff in-game gives you 100% increased rep gain for BFA and Legion factions if my memory serves me correctly.

Maybe use this time to grind those reps and not complain on the forums.

May be use this attitude to learn what breaching the tomb is about


Looks to me like the one with the bad attitude is you.

Obviously your OP was misunderstood but instead of acting like a total jerk you could have explained that Breaching the Tomb is the Ach. for completing the Legion campaign and unlocks the ability to get the class mount.

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To be honest - as its to get a [Fairly unique] Class mount I personally don’t think it should be an account wide achievement.


Several things are not account wide
Unleased monstrosities
Balance of Power
Just to name a few
But you know what, as much I hated it… it was enjoyable to revisit those old quest lines, and “suffer thrugh” Balance of Power
Weird I know

The more grinds the longer you have to play.

This is the blizzard philosophy.


I am still waiting for balance of power to be account wide

This too tbh

I wont lie - im against making them account wide. Content in game doesnt only mean endgame content - stuff like class campaigns , developing of order hall/garrison in wod , balance of power quest and significant portion of content for people who didnt do them in Legion / WoD

same with pathfinder

those should never be removed and made easier - because it gives people something to do in game when they are bored with endgame.

Yes good point. When smth you actually spend time on gets nerfed you start to understand why people are against it.
If they constantly nerf requirements they should consider nerfing these tedious alt unfriendly restriction or just never nerf any requirements.

Otherwise they just promote the playstyle of special ppl who only sub in x.3.5 patch to get all rewards from the expac and unsub till next x.3.5 patch, meanwhile spamming everywhere “BfA sucks XD”

just did the intro quest to argus on serveral characters. im sick and tired of it. :joy:

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You can pick legion engi on alt and use argus wormhole generator to get access to argus without it btw
At least when you have a main with engi who has this toy


thanks for the tip vendor of pvp.

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It will tp you to random argus zone, you just need to go to the point on the map were you would start the zone if done the usual way, use the tp thingy to get to vindicar and then on vindicar you can tp to any beacon you want.
That way it works for me at least :+1:t5:

You would even cry if you would get free 475i lvl gears each day by just logging in.

Why would I need a downgrade?
I am 476 retri

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