Breaking the Grind: An Alternative Approach to Dungeon Loot with Tokens

I am exhausted from repeatedly completing the same dungeon, as it is exhausting and unfulfilling. Instead of persisting with the same dungeon for a single loot, which has required 32 attempts without success, I would prefer to accompany my friends on other dungeons.

An alternative approach that may prove more fruitful would be to introduce a token system for completing specific dungeons. After amassing a set number of tokens, say 20, and if the desired loot has not yet dropped, players could then trade these tokens for the piece they seek. The acquired item may not necessarily be of a high item level, but it could be upgraded using valor. This way, we could obtain something of value from what currently feels like a fruitless and repetitive grind.

Halls of Valor: [Val’kyr Ascension Signet]

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I like it couldnt agree more

Somehow I knew it would be HoV :smiley:

Then stop running the same dungeon for some tiny %.

Whats that ring going to do? Suddenly propel you to a 3k rio player with CE?

It’s a tiny tiny increase for you to chase. If you don’t want to then don’t do it.

People crying they hate farming but at the same time farming their guts out for the smallest possible benefit baffles me.


I agree with your statement, which is precisely why I stopped. However, I can’t help but feel as though I have wasted my time, resulting in a considerable amount of frustration, hence why I felt compelled to express my sentiments on these forums.

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There is nothing inherently flawed in desiring something; however, I am of the opinion that it should not take an excessive amount of time for that something to come to fruition or materialize.

you guessed correctly. :smile:

From a business perspective I would not change a thing if most people are too lazy to unsub.

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