Breath of sindragosa

i belive a good choice for this talent,is to be reworked, for example a good way would be like that
1min cooldown
duration 1 second for each rp spend, max 12 seconds.if u have 120
damage adjusted for 12 seconds… equaly to previus,to we donnt loose damage.
that make it less punishing,if u get a debuff ,or u ahve to run away due an afix
and ll be viable again in m+, curent state of talent,is pretty useless
also the talent before giving runic powers, on critical strikes FF , must change, like 10% to give u a rune.

overall Frost DK got issues as dual weild, HB dont even do good damage, i mean…serius now is a skill i press only if PROC u shjould design to press it in rotation…and if i get a rime proc…do something extra.

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