Brewmaster weak auras?


I started to play on this toon again since a long break from monk in general but specially brewmaster, I remember WA was more or less a must for tanking.

Which one’s do you guys prefer as BM? One for stagger and maybe the cooldowns in right order or something?

Haven’t tanked as BM since WoD so forgot basically everything about them.


Late answer but I’m using:
Luxthos - Monk Core - Shadowlands
Luxthos - Monk Dynamic - Shadowlands
Luxthos - Monk Utilities - Shadowlands

Monk BM’s stagger (shuffle) bonus being now passive on shadowlands, for my part just two WA :
One for the amount of stack of purifying brew, so you can cast Celestial Brew at the most optimal moment,
And also one WA to show you when you can safely oneshot with your death touch (accounting the 4p, legendaries, fortifying brew and maybe fae niya, your max health changes a lot)
you can also get one for stagger if your nameplates mod doesn’t show it, and one to track your mastery bonus : the increased dodge chance so you can maybe try to time your free dodge to cheese a boss ability.

You can freely make them with the integrated wa maker on the addon, I wont be able to advice any “package” you can get on wago

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