Bring back blacklisting

I noticed when i came back they seperated 10-15 man BGs from 25 man or more BGs. Thats good, but i also noticed we cannot blacklist a BG anymore. For example i don’t know ANYONE that likes seething shore, and when your queue is 18 minutes as horde, and you get that BG its quite annoying. So bring back the option to blacklist 1 or 2 BGs please!


I wouldn’t mind if they added blacklisting to battlegrounds, though I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another.

As it stands right now, I really would like this for epic battlegrounds though. Ashran really sucks the fun out of epic battlegrounds. Partially because I don’t understand the BG (and asking around in chat hasn’t cleared up much so far) and partially because of the extreme server lag in big battles.

All in all, it seems likely that players have a reasonable or unreasonable hatred for one of the (epic) battlegrounds. Allowing them to avoid their nemesis seems like a good thing. If any one (epic) battleground is impacted so much that it barely gets played, this provides a signal that there is a bigger problem with the BG that needs to be looked at. I would think that this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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remove fake epic battlegrounds, leave AV there. Remove the stupid resource thing, let AV fights last for hours. Easy peasy.

Amazing that they removed Strand ( which could have been salvaged ) and they brought back Ashran … tactics indeed.

I would like to blacklist Lagshran and Seething Shore, thank you very much.


No joke Strand was my fav bg of them all.
I would like the blacklist thing back for sure, so i would never set my eyes on Kotmogu again

Kotmogu is fine , I only hate silvershard mines.

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You have the option to queue for specific favorite or not BGs, which is to an important extent a form of blacklisting.

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