Bring back Dinars?

Actually loved the choice to farm coins that eventually made you cherry pick the last damn piece of gear you need. I have ran NOK about 40 times now and still cant get the damn trink i want(need). Just so frustrating when you run it and a mage (alt) getting the piece you have been farming for the last 3 months… Same feeling when i tanked in SL and finally got my Biz trink from DOS in the last week before a new season…
Bringing back dinars could also save raiding, i mean it would not be 100% mandatory to run raids but it would give incitement to run them in order to boost your choices on items.

What do you guys think?

I prefer the current profession to be improved. I’d love to have a reliable way to get weekly Spark of ingenuity which is NOT RNG based.
Why can’t I use the professions to upgrade my items above 418???

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