Bring back old mogs

Blizzard, one of the reasons why I am playing this game is because I really like transmogs, you guys really need to consider bringing back old transmogs, Silent Assasin set for rogues is just dope , I really wanna get it but I can’t because I didn’t play in the past, I think it should be obtainable to new people who started playing late, if you are gonna say that well it’s not gonna be fair to people who got it the hard way , I might tell you that you are not gonna enjoy wearing your hard earned way transmogs when the game is dead

Theres thousands of mogs you can get, the game ain’t gonna die because you didn’t get a dope mog from years ago.

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This expansion they have brought back loads of Unavailable mogs. Chill out for a bit and the one you want will be available, assuming it isn’t locked behind an old challenge mode.

There are only 2 completely unobtainable sets that I really wish I could get: Death Knight and Warlock challenge mode sets from MoP. They look incredible and the order hall versions are just nowhere near as good. Also OG Bonescythe but that is technically ontainable from BMAH if you’re lucky and have the gold.

I’m ok with everything else. There’s enough to choose from.

is close just different shoulders and colour.

The old sets are so stretched and pixelated, though. It looks weird in modern WoW.

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