Bring back "Presences"

Hello, this is my Idea for a DK Rework, so It’s kinda viable for M+ since DKs do not bring ANYTHING to m+ group and they are not invited to keys because of their KIT. This rework would bring back presences (Unholy presence, Frost presence and Blood presence). They wouldn’t be a personal buffs, but would work as an paladin auras. They would be a party wide buff, which each would give a different buff depending on what Presence you choose to have active.

Just an example:
Blood Presence = HP Regen OR Stamina % increase by some number
Frost Presence & Unholy Presence = both could give different %number of stats (just like druid 3% vers buff)



Yeah sure, why not ? as long as they are 1 time use none removable passives, reapplying the same buff everytime you die or enter a new instance with new people is not fun.

Me personally, I wouldn’t mind reapplying these auras/buffs after death, but yeah, these presences should stay active through death. The only thing would probably be a range for them.

I’ve seen this idea talked about a few times on this forum. I don’t see why not really.

My gripe is simply making sure it’s something cool and thematic as opposed to some flat buff to allies. Paladins buff allies, death knights should debuff enemies. Some examples:

Unholy Presence: makes all ticking dots get used X% faster (great synergy with warlocks, shadow priests for example), basically a group version of our talent Plaguebringer

Frost Presence: Increases critical damage by X% (would be phenomenal for classes that rely on those big crits to do damage).

Blood Presence: Increases all health draining/leech effects on the targets by X%, or, reduces enemy shield effects by some % of sorts.

I’m putting x% simply as placeholder, wouldn’t know what would constitute a fair number in the scale of OP to useless.

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I agree with this, i ran Naxx for Valliance the other day and i seen the NPCs still had presences and it made me miss them.

I feel DKs lost their fantasy a while back, the animations need update as does the death charger. Id like to see an updated Rivendares charger (in Blue) with an update transmog version of his and Darkreavers outfit.

Also going back to being able tank and dps in each spec would be amazing, one spec could even use a shield. Blood dps would be amazing to play.


Yes please!

And make sure to make each presence give benefit regardless of spec, like Paladin and a Druid’s form do.

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