Bring back PvP-Mistweaver

I don’t want to adapt to a tierlist, and so does 30% of the European playerbase,

if my spec is bad and it makes noone on my skillevel wanting to play with me then I’m not able to play World of Warcraft ; We cannot maintain our subscriptions

Tho i know, for an rpg the homogenization of the specs is not the answer, It should be top priority that we can play the game, or it dies

#soloQ / #soloqueue



Yes! show your love for the soloqueue

Keep it going

Don’t think SoloQ is a solution to this. Mistweavers weren’t meta during S14/S15 MoP but I’d still say they at least were ‘more viable’ than now. People were crying about homogenization back then, yet havoc DH feels almost like a copy of current WW right now.
Being able to do the same job while having different tools is not homogenization.

But I’m indeed in favor of…


rdruid got a buff we won

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