Bring back the Faction War!

That’s only for gameplay reasons, and it shouldn’t have any impact on the lore.


I actually can’t blame you for feeling that way. No really, I get it. The faction war is boring because they did it poorly. MoP was a fluke, ok, fine. First time they tried it, nobody was happy with the outcome. Then they repeated it in BFA which, to put it bluntly, sucked.
That does not mean the faction war is bad, just that it was poorly done. I’d like to say they learned from it, but honestly, as far as the current writing team is concerned, I doubt it.
Still, that does not mean it can’t be done right by maybe people who are more qualified, perhaps.

On the Dragon Isles. Yeah, there isn’t. Outside? Why wouldn’t it be? Did everyone forget what the Horde did to the Alliance? You think Kultirans forgot about the slaughter in Stormsong? You think the Zandalari forgot who killed their king who might as well be their god? Please tell me, what happens to those?

Yeah, why not? Dragon Flight has shown me that Blizzard is ready to work hard on their game to offer the best experience we could have instead of something that would cost them the least. I think they will.

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I don’t think we’ll ever go back to another faction war for a long, long time. The reason why is fourfold:

  • For lore, the factions are working together a lot and will be doing so in the future, mostly because of the looming threat from the void. No one on either side wants war again.
  • It’s become repetitive. Excluding the old RTS games, almost every expansion has had faction conflict as a big theme.
  • BFA kind of ruined it. Not because of the lore mind you, the faction conflict from BFA was the best part of the expansion. It’s the reason why ‘Battle Of Dazaralor’ is considered one of the best raids in retail WOW. No, the reason why BFA ruined it is that gameplay-wise, when BFA launched, it was terrible. Worse than terrible. The Azerite system is undefendable. So it kind of tainted the rest of the expansion.
  • And finally, making a proper faction conflict when Blizzard is quite obviously trying to bring the horde and alliance together would be a very courageous endeavour.

BfA tried too much in too short time.

Take it slow, focus on the essential stuff. No story line sidesteps. And it will work out.

Puny… ESO has 3 factions in its War story and it made right from the start sense that pre-orderers could play with any race they wanted in any faction they wanted.

WoW can reach the same state over time where individual orientation outweighs the race-wide orientation.

Individual Orcs don’t have to be forever Horde-affiliated forever. There could be some Orcs that want to ally with the Alliance. So could also be for example some Draenei players be interested in supporting the Horde instead of Alliance. It should be the players choice what faction they pick to support. And it should be only relevant to story quests/instances and PvP.

Like imagine this:

  • The player character (the Champion) is employed as a faction-neutral character
  • Players can chose what side they want to ally with
  • Players experience different content based on their choice
  • It ads a layer of personal immersion for each individual player
    You want to play a Human Paladin that betrays its own kind by fighting for the Horde? You can do that.
    You want to play an Orc Shaman that feels disconnected from the own people and prefers the Alliance?
    You can do that too.

World of Warcraft needs to adjust their core idea. And that idea was “Alliance (races) vs. Horde (races)”. Instead it should be “Alliance vs Horde and you, the Champion, pick your side on your own”.

Star Wars the Old Republic does this for its story where you start in the original story as default Sith Empire or Republic and later on after Knights of the Eternal Throne you can decide yourself which side you want to support from a story perspective.

WoW already has taken the step further with allowing players to play cross-faction in instances for Raids and Dungeons. It is time to tear down that barrier entirely and untie the player allegiance from the factions.

It does require reworking many old story aspects (aka, quest text, how you are being treated, etc.) of course in lore. But we are approaching the point where it becomes necessary.

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Rumours have it that Sylvanas is coming back so who know’s were the story will go, after playing 19 years of WoW and other Blizzard games i am a little jaded of faction war and Sylvanas tbh it gets very stale and boring rehashing some things over and over.

More power to you if you like faction war but to me BFA felt so forced and the writers out of ideas how to start a conflict.

I think it mainly applies to some bigger lore characters, “guilds” or missions like Tyr’s guard or the dragonscale expedition.

That’s completely up to the writers, and it would make sense, if you think about it. Peace can also be tiring, especially for orcs, humans, trolls, or forsaken, and the current real world showcases this very well. Peace and War periods are common in history. There is also always a reason for conflict when finding a new land. Additionally the Arathor have a very bad history with the trolls, so it’d make sense, if this caused friction too. Sure, if the story is only gonna be about Night elves, tauren, and vulpera, then you’re right.

So why would they not make it relevant again?

Good point, but they also release a BG about faction conflict though in tww.

Like I said, BFA sucked. Honesty I’m not expert but I’m not stupid either. You don’t make an expansion about faction war and you just add … warfronts. No. First of all they should have developed characters in this war just like they developed Nazgrim. These would be the, let’s call them, in character narrators of this adventure, like Flynn was in Kultiras.
Second, I’d create several battlegrounds, but create them in such way that you actually feel like you are fighting the other faction in a war. Not that you are just stealing their flag 3 times. No, I’d use the above mentioned characters to tell you what to do, to tell you what’s going on. To scream victory or call a retreat on defeat. To truly offer a game-war. Many more ideas.

The point is to give the sensation that you are at war with the other faction as opposed knowing you are at war due to what the quest text said.
Dunno if that make sense, I’m very sleepy and I’m retiring for the night.

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Like Warfront but with actual PVP and better i get what you mean and rest well :hugs:

Because BFA had such a black mark in terms of its launch made everyone else think that everything else in BFA was bad. Including the faction war. ‘Poisoning the well’ I believe the phrase is called.

Cease fire i have no problem with. Adds to the story and it was part of warcraft since w3. Bickering of the factions like at the trial of the crusader is cool.

Pretending to be best cookie sugary friends like the Zanda Troll with the KT human in the tyrs guard is just nonsense for warcraft and its out of touch. On friendly terms sure but I believe that the factions would be a little bit more on the “guard”.

I remember genn not wanting to do anything with lor themar afte shadowlands now they stand side by side like bff. Attacking night elves literally in their sleep cuz “mUh oRdeRs” Genns reaction after sl was logical but somehow the power of friendship and love was there all along as DF showed it is much stronger than anything else : ) hehe

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I don’t think it’s out of touch. Think about it. When the factions teamed up against a common threat there absolutely would have been individuals who saw the other side weren’t as savage or uncooperative as they were lead to believe. Furthermore you are mentioning minor characters who, to our knowledge, don’t have a long history of visciously hating the opposing faction.

And it’s hardly the first example of races from opposing factions working together. We saw this as early as Vanilla in the likes of the Earthen Ring, Argent Dawn, and the druids of Moonglade.

I suspect this has got to do with the timeskip between SL and DF…and that we will find out why this is the case from a book. Sigh. I agree that this looks odd but when you take the timeskip into consideration it doesn’t seem unrealistic. It would just be nice to know what lead to his views changing.

In that situation it makes sense, they have something in common that’s more important to them than “My boss doesn’t like your boss”, same for the Dragonscale expedition.

The thing that bothered even me about “Let’s all be friends” is that it’s too sudden, only one person (At the very start of waking shores, that “embassy” ruin) expresses any reservations at all, i don’t think Horde and Alliance should be outright fighting (Except BGs and stuff), but there should be more friction.

This would be great for when we are finished with the World Soul Saga. One of the only good things about BfA was the faction war. That and the zones. It needs to be done properly with all of those mechanics you listed, and setting it back in time would allow them to avoid another Sylvanas scenario where they need a reason to start a new war.

I disagree, it makes zero sense for the game not to reflect that.


Three factions sounds even worse to me but people all prefer different things. That’s not something I’d want to see in WoW.

I’m more in favour of the game being more friendly to cross faction play and getting rid of the faction barrier all together at this point. The changes are coming in slowly but I really wish they’d just get on with it now. I do understand that it’s not practical for people to level together outside of doing dungeons (if they made the change that we could queue together), we have different bases, and sometimes slightly different quests etc. A lot of things are just hostile to each other in game due to faction etc.

My guild is a mix of both factions (as most are these days), we can raid and do m plus together but heaven forbid we want to do other content like LFR or queue for a dungeon together.

I’m not an RPer by any stretch of the imagination but when we had faction war in the past it reflected how the game worked, the game does not work for faction war anymore. We are all together, if anything it needs to embrace that more.


The player characters are the champions, i.e. the chosen ones and cross faction guilds should not have any implications regarding how the factions are to eachother on a grand scheme

That’s how you feel and that’s fine, the game systems have always reflected the story. So for me that doesn’t work. We are in guilds together, the story needs to reflect that.

All this is too ambitious for the modern Blizzard.
Right now we have to be happy for every inch we get towards a WoW that respects our time more.

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They will come to it. Eventually. But they will.

Bar the evil warchief again yes I agree