Bring back Unholy Nova for Shadow priests!

In my opinion the Necrolord Covenant ability “Unholy Nova” Was so good and fit the aesthetic really well of shadow priests. I really want this ability back to boost SP dps cuz right now shadow priests are so bad. Not only that, while a lot of other classes got multiple covenant abilities into DF, shadow priests got mindgames and mindgames right now is nerfed down to hell so it doesnt matter. Now that blizz is more open to adding more class fantasy things and listening to the community more, it is a great time to make this suggestion. Not only can this ability affect and help A LOT in PvE/M+, it can also help PvPers Very very much since its a instant dot. If Unholy Nova was added back to Shadow priests, it would only be in the shadow talent tree, not disc or holy. Please blizzard, This would benefit all shadow priests whatever content theyre doing and it is such a good ability !

Here is the ability for people who dont know what it is. :slight_smile:

Covenant Ability

Instant 1 min cooldown

An explosion of dark energy infects enemies within 15 yds with Unholy Transfusion, and heals allies for up to (150% of Spell power) based on number of targets.

Unholy Tranfusion
[Deals up to (280% of Spell power) Shadow damage based on number of targets over 15 sec. Allies who damage this target are healed for [(4% of Spell power) * 1].]

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bring back cascade bring back mind sear as a filler like mind flay.

Bring back Doors of shadow with instant cast stack up to two.

make void form and dark archangle instant cast.

Make Mindbender an permanent pet

make [Idol of C’Thun] our new mastery and make adds spawn of our dots mind flay anything that we cast and make them stack up to 5 and when you got five it deals max damage on mastery.

remove [Idol of Yogg-Saron][Mindgames][Divine Star][Halo] make unholy nova instead that spawns a cleric that cast stuff and either heals and it to cast mind sear and stuff.

Make so Mind blast applies VT to targets and make so shadow word death applies pain to targets Remove shadow crash pain and VT-

there i just fixed the game.


Fully agree, mindgames used to be a spell you were scared about, now it’s doing 60k overall dmg for a 45 sec cd… What the hell is this garbage?

People completely ignore it in pvp atm as it does nothing at all.


Never fix what is not broken.

Yea mindgames is so bad right now its kind of a joke for a 45 sec cooldown

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I’d rather not have either honestly.

Maybe not broken but its stale as can be.

the dev team for priest has just gone on a big


since this expack

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