BrM Personal Resource Display, STAGGER bar bugged, please help

Since i started playing BrM midway through BFA my stagger bar sometimes bugs out. By this I mean, the upper 75% of the stagger bar gets stuck inside my energy bar and I always have to /reload to remedy it. The problem is when I start a M+ dungeon and I pull the first pack of mobs and I cant properly see my stagger bar which makes playing the dungeon hard.

I have to /reload after the first initial pull to reset the stagger bar to its original position but that’s like 3-4 seconds I could use pulling more mobs. In any case its more annoying than anything and I’ve only just now decided to open a post about it to see if someone has a solution.

I am using the default Blizzard UI for BrM monk, the default Personal Resource Display.

Thanks in advance if anybody has a solution.