Bronzebeard Still Down?

Hi. Can anyone tell me if Bronzebeard / Aerie Peak Server is still down after the maintenance last night ? The server status says they are up but I cannot see them in the realms list, and cannot find any info that says there is a problem.

It didnt show up for me either, until i sorted the realms by name. Then it turned up, didnt show the number of characters i had on it though, but i could log onto server and then had a list of chars there

I just tried AP and that’s still down, was hoping it’ll be back up this afternoon.

Looks like they are just coming back now. As people have said, “refresh” the realm list by sorting on it and you should see them. They may not show your characters but you will see them when you change to the realm

got back on half an hour after posting, its come up as a medium pop instead of low pop, looking good tbh.

Yeah like Farema and Elulah said this issue should be fixed if you sort the realms by alphabet by clicking the ‘realm name’ tab :slight_smile:

It’s just one of a couple buggy features going on currently (guild finder is down, guild roster doesn’t show all members, calendar events not working etc.). Let’s hope it all gets fixed asap!

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