Brutal gear discounted during prepatch?

Blizzard please, can we have some informations about the PvP vendors price after prepatch release.

s3 for honor ? s4 discounted ?

PTR and beta show us no change compare to the first wotlk release but you also never communicate about it, that’s why I’m asking.


They just mentioned that S4 will be available for honor

Where you saw that ?

Top sticky on this forum.


Yeah found allready thx. Its damn stupid. For all who grinded 2k its just spit on the face from blizz. Put Sunwell tokens to normals then, or fine 5man heroics.

Thanks dude !

why? past seasons gear was always available for less currency and mostly without requirements. All who grinded 2k had this advantage during the whole duration of season 4

Except it wasn’t in WotLK OG. Brutal gladiator gear had a rating requirement well into WotLK to “preserve it’s uniqueness”.

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