Burning Crusade Classic Season 4 Ends August 30

On the eve of the Wrath Classic pre-expansion patch, we will end the final season of Burning Crusade Classic PvP at 22:00 in each region. In this region, Season 4 will end at 22:00 UTC (23:59 CEST) on August 30.

During maintenance on August 31, we will update the game, and all Arena points will be converted to Honor. Throughout the pre-patch, Arena Season 4 gear will be sold for Honor.

Good luck fighting to the finish!


And honor marks? can we keep them to Wotlk?


Some obvious questions:

If season ends on 30th and there is no 1 or 2 week period afterward to spend points (like we had previous season), do we get arena points for the final week? and if so they are just converted to honour immediately?

Will there be any discount to buy arena items between now and August 30th? I don’t really trust you to not surprise us in the final week before 30th and suddenly put a discount in unannounced, meaning any points we would spend between now and then would not be used efficiently.

Also, will there be rating requirements removed for shoulders and weapon before/after end of season? I’m maxed out on honour on a few chars and full geared. Wwas expecting to have a post season period to buy those items without rating, so stacked up arena points. Now it looks like those arena points will be converted to honour and wasted.


if we have the maximum amount of honor and stamps from the battlegriunds.
then where will the honor points transferred from the arena points be credited ???


What happens in the 3 hours between the season ending and maintenance?
Discount on arena items? no rating requirements?
Do we get points for the last Arena week?

Why not just end the season with the maintenance so you dont have this weird time in between and everybody asks questions trying to figure out how this is supposed to work?


Can you confirm what will happen to the current discounted season 3 gear? will this also be purchasable with honor? would also be nice to know roughly what the conversion rate is so we can plan spending our arena points and have enough left for honor not to be wasted.

Are you increasing honor cap ? Are you resetting honor for WotLK ?

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Greetings, if I have honor 75 k and 5 k arena points, where will my arena points be transferred? gold?


Same place the additional honor is stashed after you reach the cap: twisting nether.

For the information like excess honor, marks and honor after reset, honor discounts and so on, I’d look on the US forums. EU never gets relevant information until some kind player makes a thread with link on US blue answer.

Well that’s a bummer, I was really trying to push the last rating required in the arena so I can buy all of the gear. Turns out I can just wait a few weeks and get the last piece for ‘free’ later.

Would love to, but i can’t play my characters as they are stuck on dead servers and Firemaw is STILL LOCKED FOR PAID TRANSFERS IN! FIX IT


My characters are stuck on Earthshaker and would like to play with my friends on Firemaw. Please open transfers to Firemaw. (I have invested a lot in these characters and do not want to start anew…)

Was hoping we could buy S4 gear for Arena Points, then, maybe a week later - leftover AP gets converted to Honor, any leftover Honor that would go over cap would be converted to gold.

I think a lot of us have 5K arena points and a lot of honor on top of it where a lot would be “wasted”.

I think alot of us have 75k honor points and have been stacking AP for the week discount that has been there between all the past seasons.

I personally have multiple chars with 75k honor and 5k AP, and have been saving for the “discount week” and would be very disappointed if they changed it from the previous seasons, with this short notice…

Two weeks before end of the season and this is all we get ? This could have been announced at start of TBC …

#1 How much will stuff cost?
#2 How many honors will you get from your AP?
#3 What happens to things like offparts?
#4 What happens when you are already on honor cap?
#5 What happens to BG marks?


Yes. Arena points will be awarded and then immediately converted to Honor during realm maintenance.

When the season ends, rating requirements will be removed.


And what will happen if I’m full honor, marks and arena points caped? Can I use my arena points during the few hours between the end of the season and the reset? with a discount and no rating requirements?


Is there any information how much honor u will get from arena points (like a formula for the conversion from arena points to honor) and how much honor Arena Season 4 gear will cost?