BTFT/ATFT stands for..?

There’s a statue (in the basement of SI:7 headquarters) in Stormwind of Horatio M. Montgomery that states that he lived 50 BTFT - 25 ATFT.

I can’t include links, but if you don’t know already just google it I suppose:

I’ve found multiple posts asking what it stands for, but not a single one that offers an answer.

Maybe not the hottest topic, I know. Anyway, I’m just curious.

I have no clue. “TFT” can’t mean “The Frozen Throne”; since that’s not an in-universe time mark.

“The Fall of Tirisfal”? - so, when Arthas came back and wrecked Lordaeron?

'specially confusing since the “official” timeline uses the first opening of the Dark Portal as “point zero”; and that would even make sense in-universe as well.

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We aren’t 25 years in lore after Warcraft 3 yet, though, so that’s not really a candidate.

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I can’t even think of any event in recent Warcraft history that could be abbreviated to “TFT” that’s also major enough to be feasibly considered in-universe as the end of one era and beginning of the next.

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True, it can’t be The Fall of Tirisfal or The Frozen Throne.

The most annoying thing is that I found a thread where a blue post had actually answered… by directing to an earlier post, that now have been removed.

Anyway, it’s just a minor detail. Guess it will remain unsolved.

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