Buff [Arms] Warrior M+ / What we need


Ive thought a few things about Arms Warrior in particular, but unfortunately this spec is currently unplayable in Pug groups and it needs to get better.

Things that will need to be accepted generally a lot more dps / we bring less than other classes, we have no Battlerezz / no BL. We have less CC/none at all.

a list of things we need:

  • we can kick in Bladestorm [PVE only]
  • 1 More Def Cooldown / Ret and other classes have tons of utility, we get like Zero
  • 1 Grp Utility Cooldown, Mass Spell Reflect as new Talent for all Warrior Specs [maybe 1min cooldown] it can be nice / Helpfull
  • Shockwave | we need a Talent Three to skill Shockwave without losing Uproar or some important Stuff as Arms Warrior / this is a Joke
  • More Scaling with Gear/Weapon / more dmg with Thunderous Roar/Bladestorm and Important Major Cooldowns
  • way More dmg with the Talent Fatality if you want to bring it to m+
  • a lot of more dmg with Dreadnaught | buff it more +50-75% min. its like 4% overall at moment / its a joke, we need way more passive dmg
    its to low passive cleave dmg / maybe bring cleave back and buff it.
  • More Cooldown Reduction with Anger Management and add Roar, not only for Warbreaker/Bladestorm
  • More ST/Prio Dmg with MS/Overpower/Execute in Keys

These values / points are experiences from many M+ runs

I logged a lot of Runs and i have in every Runs 99% - 100% Parses as Arms.
I Check my Runs everytime, but you cant do way more and its to hard to get invites in higher Keys in the que with Pugs.

PPL dont Like Warrior and we have NO Arguments to bring this Class in a High Key.

Give me 1 Argument and a Delete my Post, but you cant find Arguments to bring a Warrior in a High Key.

When I come from work and want to play keys I’m just stuck in the queue for hours, there’s no hope that this will get better at the moment. I already have Legendary and am currently not getting any invites. Without Premate Tank I can’t play alone.

For the Question what Keys iam Playing, at this time 26s/27s.

Greetings and Merry Christmas


Lately its already the case that i get kicked out of the grp, when they see im Arms, IF you get an invite. The reason i just Play my Monk, i already struggle to get in 24+ keys, wont sit fit Hours playing Queue Simulator.

Hello i agree with you that arms needs help i thinks talents need bether pading and bufs to ms,op, , exe

Exactly and this is another problem

Incorporeal week cc list

Demon Hunter:
Imprison - 1min

Hibernate - 40sec

Sleep Walk - 20sec

Scare Beast - 20sec
Freezing Trap - 1min

Polymorph - 1min

Paralysis - 1min

Turn Evil - 40sec
Repentance - 1min (requires to spec out of Blinding Light)

Shackle Undead - 50sec (requires to spec out of Feather thingy)

Blind - 1min

Hex - 1min

Banish - 30sec

Death Knights and Warriors do not have any stuns/fears that last long enough to CC the mob for it’s full duration.

when rework warrior ?

U forgot to mention tha those things mostly included in basic kit of class and doesnt need any talents. Even warriors fear needs to be talented? seriously. Almost any utility skill that warrior has requires a talent, at least battle shout not)

You forgot a bunch of things there, like Priests have AoE fear every 30 seconds (so they can basically solo the affix) and such. Death Knights iirc have Control Undead which is spammable and only cost 1 rune.

Warriors also have Intimidating Shout which can do the work but the 1.5min cd makes it not viable at all. Maybe a talent that changes it into a single target fear but reduces the cd to 30 sec? I guess that could do the trick.

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