Buff BM Hunter

Hi Blizz,

Me again - I know you’re very busy fixing the game and promoting positive vibes in the workplace and that but can you please buff BM Hunter? I’m not asking for tbc kind of buff but enough buff to help BM be on par with Surv and MM in terms of damage.

In return, I promise I won’t buy anymore gold or sell my wife’s feet pics on Onlyfans. I’ll even leave a positive review for you on Google.

Many thanks and kindest regards,

A poor BM Hunter.

BM is still king for open world content - as slight as that content is sadly.

I recently got my hunter from 70 - 80, leveled as BM and I kinda dreaded raiding as SV.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it is. BM would be clunky and if your pet dies it’s bye bye dps, which can still happen on some fights. SV has some nice procs and amazing aoe.

For ret pala’s, yeah the kinda minor buff was because pala’s only have one DPS spec, Hunters have 3, two of which shine in wrath.

It’s as good as it is.

Rumours have it Blizzard actually wants you to buy gold to support bots which make them a looot of money.

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