Buff Death knights

Greetings blizzard,

When are Dk’s getting some big buffs in the pvp departmant? Cause currently we have too many button for too little gain our defensives are basicly as good as a wet towel.

Our Damage takes too long to set up for too little gain and it takes forever untill we can use a big burst agian.

Way to many classes got immunities all of the sudden wich makes it even worse for us.

At the moment the class is gutted and blizzard is gonna make it even worse with these dumb hero abilities that add even more things to the class wich it doesn’t need.

Tldr: im just mad blizzard is ruining this game with the diversity hire cod manager.


true they nerf ur deff and add alot deffs to other class plus as u said alot class got immunities. in differnd ways, like (pala shaman mage rogue hunter dh priest resto druid dragon…)

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I just don’t understand why blizzard made plate users be as strong as wet paper while i can use multiple rotation on a cloth user and it barely makes a dent.

I wanna go back to were we are hard to kill and cloth users need to CC us to stay alive.
Cause atm they can do both.


yeah just decided to try unholy after playing other classes (arcane mage, mm hunter, devoker, ench shammy, assa rogue), and honestly not only does the damage feel ‘weaker’ but as you said it takes ages to set up.

Most of the classes above either has immunities, a lot of self heal, or a lot of mobility, yet dk doesn’t seem to have that much.

It lacks the mobility as well, and now with the new nerf to plate, it feels like I die quicker on my dk compared to most other ‘glass cannon’ classes.

And like you said, too many cds on too many buttons, army of the dead, apoc, gargoyle, empowered rune weapon, abo limbs. By the time you are through your burst skills, first run tends to run out xD.


Yeah its not really fun to play at the moment im just doing the basics completing fomo achievements but its just not fun anymore a major rework is needed.

But instead they are building on a bad foundation wich will make the class shake even more.

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tbh I would either focus more on pets or just scrap the whole pet idea and revamp it to a more knight who attacks oppnents soul with necrotic strikes, kinda like the dark paladin vibe from warcraft 3.

rn it just feels meh like it doesn’t know what it wants to be


After seeing the new tuning drop blizzard really showed that they don’t care about their player.

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