Buff death strike

I quit in season 1 when the ret paladin buffs happened same day as the death knight nerfs that were hidden from patch notes until patch day.

I see that death strike still does not heal. Make it heal.
Arms warriors have better self healing now. Unless you put mortal strike on Festering, you have to buff death strike again.
The patch failed, the devs were wrong, take it back

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U mean as blood Dk? If its as tank its an absolute No, i think u dont know how Death strike works.

Some dev got absolutely clowned on by a DK using Death strike sometime during BFA/Legion, it has stayed trash since then.

yes im calling you out, dev team.

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I know they didn’t mention it, but clearly this is referring to PvP :face_with_diagonal_mouth: something I’ve not touched in DF

Even if they do how dk gonna use it? Disarms, immunities ,insane mobile specs. Dk is paper vs melee and better stay this way. U cannot beat them all after all.

You are a low rated noob dont reply to my post

Cringe FOTM player abused dh at bfa to get glad lol . Don’t post BS if u want me to not reply to ur posts then.

Nothing about the post is BS tho, you are just a low rated noob with no clue about the game

How much did you pay for the boost?

Goldberg: “And here we go!”


Almost all (if not all) pvp healing from DPS players is reduced by 50%.
In this expansion developers want for pvp to be more heal class dependent.
Idk maye they want to bring more healers players in to the game.
In next expansion maybe they will change it to the previous state.

Yes I would love to see some dk changes but overall unholy dk is best class in the game at least for me.

Plenty of classes can selfheal buddy.
They also have a regular 1 min cd wall with as much damage reduction as our 2 minute IBF.
They also have an immunity that lasts for 6-10 seconds. Some classes have 3 of those.

I would rather talk about ERW nerf,Abomination limb dmg and function nerf,raise Abo removal,
Unholy assault will be dmg increase cd in next season and shouldn’t be global cd,and epidemic swap with unholy blight.

You shouldn’t rather want that because none of that matters, while the horrible state of dk defensives do matter.

You won’t be playing UA next season btw you’re gonna be playing commander with tier set bonus.

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1min cd of ibf would resolve a lot of problems like dh 1min dodge.
Or buff necrotic wounds to 25%per wound max 2stacks.
Necrotic wounds needs to become base talent combined with clawing shadows,scourge strike.

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