Buff dk in pvp

pls make dk like dh rogues wws
just a weekly reminder
and last nerf was stupid tnx


After January nerf in PvP DK become sooo weak!!!


Yea because wasn’t a tuning it was intentional Nerf. When it was tuning they say it was higher or lower that ability and we adjust. Now was flat Nerf in 4 arias damage healing necrotic wood which has Ms effect. And armor that we had already suffered.

yeap blizzard are racist against dks
played since wod nothing else can explain it blizzard intetionaly nerf dk to be unplayable


Buff frost dk.

it’s getting rather ridiculous right now the moment you are targeted by physical damage your hp can get smacked for as high as 30-50% of your health when they burst you right now,

and it dosent help that we no longer are good at being counter against spell casters there are so damn many immunities to our death grips aswell as our magic defences don’t let us tank the incoming magic burst damage that well any more,

in short DK is half a class it used to be and both unholy/frost needs to be reworked for unholy remove wounds and put more disease/undead talents in to the talent tree as for frost less strength modifiers and more talents and passives that elevate the way frost play i would also love to see glacial advance baked in to cold hearth instead of chains of ice.

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Recent DK nerfs were brutal… class feels like a paper knight in pvp atm and it is very disheartening that there were basically no changes in the last dev update where obviously well performing classes like DH gets a 1% nerf and dk is not even mentioned! LOL blizz if you dont want us to play this class just remove it from the game already


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