Buff dk's so i can compete in 2s bracket. idc about 3s bracket

as title says.

buff our survival, self healing and remove the wound system.


Just reroll :slight_smile:


the wound system needs to go. asap.


Tbh necrotic strike was a unique and cool ability, have no clue why they removed it.


The same reason they made everything less fun to play in WoD. Because of “button bloat” and “too complicated for average players”.

Ns is a pvp ability and I guess the pruning in wod was more a pve move?

That’s pretty insane caus dit was a bit working like ms and you had to get uptime to make it work, not like it was a passive broken ability.

Ns was tied to presences (and specifically death runes). They pruned the presences. They redesigned everything in WoD with the big prune just to fit having so few buttons to press, and threw in a lot more passives.

But anyway, it’s not really relevant that it was a PvP ability. There were no PvP talents back then, so it could be used in PvE and PvP. And they had the ultimate goal of pruning to make it simpler for players, so it went with the prune.

(In case it wasn’t clear already, I’m not counting the redesigned necro strike as a necro strike, ever since it was returned in Legion and then reiterated upon since then. The only real necro strike is the one before its removal in the WoD prune.)

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What about frost dks, everyone talks about unholy.

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Nobody likes to play 2 button spec.
They destroyed frost dk design after wod, if they revert it to how it was in wod then maybe.

Outhealing healers is not enough???

dk self healing is good. yes
outhealing healers on the regular and not only in very specific rare cenarios? no.
ofc dk outheals everything if after doors open ret burst get answered with ams + amz and the game ends right after. other speccs are able to negate go’s on them completetly with immunities and stuff like that but it doesnt get shown on the healing meter.


Idk every time we focused dk they did 90-110% healing of their healer last season (in 5-10min games). I guess focusing dk as spell cleave is very rare and specific scenario then.

You can kill dk in a stun as casters but honestly there are far better targets, i wonder how our survival looks vs casters now that spellwarden is nerfed.

??? No?
NS used a death rune but it has nothing to do with presence. Each spec had a different way to generate death runes. As far I remember frost had permanently 2, unholy could convert used blood and frost runes into one and blood had something too.

It also was a nice synergy with soul reaper since you could prevent healing just enough for reaper to proc (and it did much more damage too)

No, the unh presence reduced the cost of it.

And good luck generating death runes for it in anything but the unh presence.


uh presence: granted a flat 10% Haste to all things, up from Haste for melee only, also attack speed and rune regenration. the movement speed remained unchanged.

know your, facts idiot

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