#Buff Resto Shaman

Forced to reroll for Mythic progression. Cant write from the healers account for some reason.

Give us a tool against spreaded fights. We didn’t have healers ready for mythic progression so we tried to heal Mythic with 3 shamans 17% on the first boss obviously didnt work cause of lackbuster of shaman spot/spreaded healing on heavy movement encounters and not cause people were bad it’s the class and raid designs. So you Give other classes abilities to dps and toping healing meters (Holy Paladin, Disc Priest) is also unacceptable in raiding enviorment. Hours of spent gearing up just to reroll? This post is only about the Healing class balance of Mythic raiding. I don’t want to reroll every damn patch just to be viable!
Do these guys understand not all of us have time to GEAR/Essence up ALL the healing roles? 20 hours a day like World top20?
Check Warcraft logs yourself.

Not to mention M+ on 12+ and up “Lul”.

Shammys munks and droods are fine in Raiding, its just the all time healing favorite and over spoiled children of blizzard priest/pala that is broken.

As about M+, agree with you

But still mind that while monks and druuds seem to do better in statistics, id rather have a link than a revival/Tranq inside a raid. Cheers.

Monks are perfectly fine so are druids It’s Shaman that is a lackbuster in Eternal Mythic. You haven’t done mythic at ilvl420-425 on Eternal so you don’t release what I’m saying. Any class combo is fine when you yolo bosses with ilvl450 in a raid group while the upperclasses still have a major adventage with much less effort.

Even Shamans can go up to 40-60k hps they just cant keep raid up that is spread. There is no mechanical tools for it. There is no Hots, Renew. Chainheal the hardest heal we got has a damn 2.3second cast. They speak about the great toolkit, where is it? We need a talent choice to adjust to different encounters.

I have a Priest reserved and If i cant be arsed to farm to get a Druid for an alternative I will transfer that Priest. It’s simple as that. Class needs a FIX! 0 Shaman in the top raiding progression says it all!!

Are you serious now? Your best raiding achievement is a ghun curve and mythic champions of light :confused:

We used 2 shamans our whole progression on HC id like a 3rd one in mythic :joy: dont know what youre mumbling about

Im stating a fact man, dont get butthurt. You have no mythic progress In Eternal to understand and You can’t even compere Monk to Shaman. Monks are superb for Mythic raiding at this moment. IN HC Shaman is Equal to Monks. It’s the Mythic content you start to see Shaman falling off and underpeforming dogsh*t compere to the rest of the classes. Where you need to be in your toes and really see the edges of different classes. Full HC Eternal is already pugable!

I have 3 different accounts btw.
This is my oldschool vanilla pvp account.

You talk about HC. HC Eternal and Mythic Eternal are uncomperable and two completely different areas of raiding.

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