Buff warrior

Buff fury already, bottom DPS rankings, cannot get into keys, whats the point anymore, GG blizzard you suck again EVERY PATCH

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Fury warrior isnt bottom tho? Lol

Look on warcraftlogs
Literally bottom dps

warcraftlogs. com/zone/statistics/33#difficulty=4&dataset=99
warcraftlogs. com/zone/statistics/33#dataset=99

Litterally all 3 speccs of hunter, windwalker and havoc all beneath you tho? Lol.

However sure fury is a weaker specc. But thats because ur abilities are balanced around ur cleave potency lol.

Arms is upper mid pack however with its far stronger ST focus.

Also thats raids, while ur OP talks about keys, where fury warrior is upper mid pack

BUFF pls)…

It needs rework, but blizzard are ignorant to the fact it needs it

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