Bug: Bounties doesn't seem to drop Seedbloom

Good evening everyone,

@blizzard Bug: Bounties doesn’t seem to drop Seedbloom. Have done like 10 now. And have done the quest for it. But they don’t drop. Anyone else got it?


The zone events with the cross swords? Done a few, got the drops in there towards the seeds but not the actual rate item reward or completion

Edit: same for the rare at the top of the map

Yeah, I’ve done about 15 now, and no Seedbloom drop at all. I’ve consistently been asking in public channels and no-one else has had a drop either. WoWhead seems to think the drop rate from Emerald Bounties should be 100%, too, so I can only assume this is a bug…

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Although you’ll raise awareness with your fellow players, you need to do a bug report in game so it goes to the Devs.

To report a bug in-game:

  1. Press Esc or click the ? button to open the menu.
  2. Click Support.
  3. Click Submit feedback or bug report.
  4. Enter the details of the bug into the Submit a bug description box, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  5. Click Submit.

That just re-directs players back to the forum these days, as an FYI. Unless I’m mistaken (sorry if so!), there’s no way to report a bug in-game anymore…?

Also, for awareness, this thread (https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/emerald-bounties-final-thoughts-feedback-post/1691253/2) demonstrates that Seedblooms did not drop on the PTR, and discusses how it is unclear/unknown or where they drop.

Seems a little frustrating, and I’ve never known a currency to be released without there being an indication as to how to acquire it!

No it gives you this

Also did that Punyelf. But the support system also leads us here.

I have the same issue! I tried many and asked many guildies about it as well, no one seems to get the Seedbloom drop… I put up a bug issue :slight_smile:

No it does not. The support article includes the US bug report forum.

If you want to post on the US bug report forum you will need to create a US starter account on your existing battle net account. Then you will need to level a character to 10, then you will be able to post there.


We encountered a bug that prevented Seedbloom from being rewarded through the completion of the weekly Blooming Dreamseeds quest.

We have now hotfixed the issue and it should reward 1 Seedbloom going forward.

Additionally, if you completed the quest before our hotfix went out, go to the Emerald Dream and then check your mail. The local postmaster should be sending out replacement Seedblooms.

Thank you.


Will see if I get them retrospectively but I’ve been on and completed 2 more since and still not got completion :grimacing: same for the rare at the top of the map, she doesn’t spawn now?

There are alot to buy stuff and you get only 1?

Thanks Kaivax

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