[BUG] Cannot enter Dire Maul "This Dungeon is not yet available"

The instance seems to be bugged since today. None of my party members can enter Dire Maul whatsoever. We had tried restarting our clients, going as separate groups.

Noone in the guild (we’ve tried with about 10 people) can enter the instance, all reporting this same error message. We’re a Horde guild on Nek’Rosh.


Can confirm. DMT cant be entered, AQ is not available. Twilight Texts dont drop (not even from Prophet).
Chromie does not sell Boons.
Server seems to be back in Phase 1.
Please fix.

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how the hell can this just happen suddenly? :smiley: I literally done 4 Princess runs and it did not let me in the 5th ID. No server restart, nothing.

I think somehow SoD and HC have some common code and the latest update has changed it.

You can only do so many runs a day in HC.

Sorry, all Dire Maul instance ID’s were used up by bots.