*BUG* Covenant Sanctum Icon Deletes Renown Reward

Hello. Last week I got stuck on renown 7 having done all 3 callings none awarded 1 renown. Here is what I was able to figure out. When I click on the Covenant Sanctum Icon on the minimap and I hover my mouse over the Callings the Blue reward shows up and the orange renown icon disappears in like a millisecond, This happens only when I first login, after that no renown is displayed. Now if I pick up that calling and complete it I will receive no renown. If I exit the game and relog and I immediately go to the NPC (Without checking the minimap icon) and pick up the Quest the renown reward will show up and upon completion I properly receive it. So it seems that pre-viewing the the Calling Rewards through the minimap icon somehow deleted the renown from the Calling Quest. I also Tried this with the WTF -Interface-Cache folders reset and the issue was the same . I hope this helps

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