BUG - Hole in the door!

At 47,59 39,25 in ‘The Forbidden Reach: Froststone Vault’ at the most western door you will fall through the world.
I tested it on 2 character and it did it both times.

Plz fix it.

Have you reported it as a bug ingame? That’s how to let the people who can fix it know about a problem.

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yes but can’t se a ticked number for it.

You need to make a bug report, not a ticket. You won’t get a response but it goes to the right people.

In game, click on the red ? and choose support.
Then click on the left most picture in the TOP LEFT labelled Submit feedback or bug report. Then fill in the information.

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again YES i have made a BUG report

Did you get any response back on this as I now get disconnected from the game everytime I log in due to falling through the door?

You don’t get replies to bug reports.

try using the unstuck feature on the support pages.

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