Bug in Ruins of Lordaeron arena at least for some priests

It seems there is some bug in this map at least for some priests, i heard from other players too that AOE spells isnt visible, like Holy Word Sanctify, Lightwell, mass dispell etc…

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Can’t say I’ve noticed it, where does it happen on the map? Most of the fighting has happened around the tombstone in the middle in my latest lordaeron arenas and I could see everything.

probably than You are not affected by that bug. Basically when You target with AOE spell (that green circle) it is not visible and spell visual effects also are not visible.

not just priest, i have same issue with heroic leap sometimes

can confirm, priest all target indicator spells dont have one.

Hunter trap indicator missing.

Yeap its bugged for hunters as well. Cant see Binding shot, flare and traps targeting green circle on floor. It is really annoying especially when it spams with this map in shuffle.

Same for locks. Really annoying.

Same for monk ring its so annoying

Something else but I dced when I was dispelling and nothing happened to my ingame char… very weird, I never dc

Yeah for me too. Only at the green field is visible, any other floor makes spells positioning green ring invisible.
For hunter its very annoying

Not just RoL too, I’ve had it happen in other instances (including PvE) and in the open world too.