Bug reporting for EU?

I’ve wanted to report two bugs so far while questing in Outland, the first one I decided wasn’t worth the hassle because I could still complete it despite some of the objects being bugged. However, I cannot pick up any of the smuggled mana cells for the quest Maintaining the Sunwell Portal. I suppose this isn’t like a mega important quest at the end of the day but it lead me to a far more important issue:

When I try to report bugs and I click on the button in game it sends me to the US forums which I… what? Why? Basically the system sends me around in a loop of go here and go there and nowhere am I just allowed to report a bug (much less open a ticket, god forbid). I know that’s the idea but ffs, just let me report the bug. Let me write down what’s wrong and send it to the void.

We submit bug reports through the In-Game Bug Report in the Europe Region.
Reports submitted in this fashion will not receive a response. Instead, they’ll be directed to the teams responsible for addressing them.

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Turns out I’m blind. Sorry

We get it more often on the forums, it’s not your fault.

Does this mean the bug will get fixed?

Depends on a lot of factors, but the team who receives it will check with their internal criteria if this can be fixed or not.

Considering how old TBC is doubt it will get fixed.

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