Bug with Dream Breath and Macros

I wrote myself a Macro for using Dream Breath and everytime I press it, it states that the spell is not learned.
After some investigating what the issue might be (spoiler: It is the spell ID) I’ve found out that there are two different versions of Dream Breath.
This depends on one single talent that needs to be selected in order to be able to macro this: “Font of Magic”.
The IDs are as follows:

  • With Font: 382614
  • Without Font: 355936

If you macro without font, it still tries to cast 382614 which is not learned instead of casting 355936 which is learned.
Please fix this issue or enable us to use spell IDs in Macros (makes this a whole lot easier).

Update: The issue fixes itself after relogging while in Preservation specc but will occur again if switching to Devastation and back again.

Update 2: If you don’t skill Font of Magic in both trees, everything works fine as well. So either don’t skill it in both trees or skill it in none.
If you switch to a build that does not use Font of Magic before switching to Preservation, you may also not use that talent in Preservation. It is a stupid solution but hopefully this will geet fixed soon.


Dreambreath bug still live