Bugged achievements and lost Monuments after Factionchange

These have been broken since pre-patch last November. It’s been reported numerous times, any idea when it will get to the top of the ‘to do’ list?

I am writing here cause the in Game support does not seem to read my Ticket right or somehow does not understand my problem.

I switched my character Nordiclights-Argent Dawn from Horde to Alliance. Since then none of my Garrisonmonuments are working anymore. I switched this character many times already depending on what i fancy more atm (alli/horde). I was ALWAYS able to use my Monuments on the Garrison no matter what i played. This time they are completely missing even though i have the needed achievements.

Also 3 of the Videos from Chronicler Zataara are missing in wich you could rewatch the progress of building the Garrison. Most are still there though. I had a similar issue a few years ago where my Argent Squire Pet was missing all additional services and Flags you could unlock by completing the Crusader achievement on the Argent tournament grounds.

Back then a GM also identified this as a error from the service and restored all of it.

Can someone please help me with this? I still use my Garrison and i worked hard on those Monuments. I do not wish to be punished for paying for a Service wich did never affect these things before.

Also: i was online when i got the answer to my Ticket. Why did he not write me when there was something unclear? I waited over 3 days to get that Ticket answered with basically nothing.

Man your in Game service was so good once. :frowning:

So now i definetly confirmed it to be a bug from the Faction change Service.

I just completed a new achievement (Mythic Drainor Raider) wich rewards a monument.
This NEW achievement Monument does ALSO not work.

Character: Nordiclights-Argent Dawn

GM’s no longer speak with players directly, but use mail. Seems to be that way since 4 or 5 years now.

Only a GM can, customer support are not GM’s I’m afraid. Not are customer support allowed to ask the GM’s to skip you to the front of the queue.

Its sad because Blizzard support used to be pretty good.

It used to be fantastic yes. Sad how much the higher ups pruned it down :confused:

I guess i have to wait another 3 Days until a GM reads my in Game Ticket.

I definetly confirmed it to be a Bug with the Service now since even new Achievements dont give rewards.

Garrison Monuments are bugged from about a year. Probably since DF release. Plenty of people reporting this. They completly ignore that which is bad becouse many of them were hard to get and it took realy long time back in the day.

Oh Gods. I had no Idea. I returned like 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for letting me know. Well i wont let that go and i will keep writing Tickets until it gets fixed. I put to much work into that.

The Garrison has many bugs just now, monuments being one of them and most of them for well over a year. I’ve reported them all more than once in that time.

I had to make a ticket on two occasions becuase my garriosn got stuck in an invasion. There simply not interested. If you make a ticket you’ll get the standard repsonce of “were not aware of any issues” and that’s if you don’t get the “Go to WoWHead” repsonce.

Hi Runicraven,

While I can understand your frustration, this is not the way to address this.

We are aware of the current issues with garrison monuments, though I’m afraid it’s not something Game Masters can assist with in individual instances but rather this will need to be addressed with a developer bug fix.

I couldn’t tell you when that will be exactly, but we’ll get to it as soon as we can, and we appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Well, at least now we know it has been officially acknowledged.

Thanks Tyrskorn.

The monuments are still bugged, pretty annoying even if its just some nonsense.

I wanted to point it out that Garrison Monuments are broken for over a year now. Wondering is this going to be forever forgoten bug? Many of us still enjoy and use Garrison. Many of those monuments were not easy to get. For example Chapter 4, Darkness Incarnate or Time is a Flat Circle. That was realy time consuming and lots of effort put in. It was something back in the day. So, why Blizzard totally ignored this? WoW is not only Dragonflight, legacy means a lot for us.

Unfortunately we don’t have any further updates since my last reply in this thread, but rest assured it’s not being ignored even if it might not be a top priority.