Bugged war effort auto turn-ins (SoM)

Just adding more visibility to what was already posted in another thread. The war effort is currently bugged in SoM and the turn-ins for several resources aren’t autocompleting.

Alliance’s Bugged Materials: Thick Leater, Light Leather, Spotted Yellowtails.
Horde’s Bugged Materials: Peacebloom, Firebloom, Tin Bars.

Server populations have been on a steady decline and the wait for AQ has really exacerbated that. It was bad enough that the requirements for the War Effort were merely halved, when the total population of SoM is less than an average server back in Classic. We were practically forced to wait for the autocomplete.

Squeezing in an extra lockout or two might not sound like a big deal but it will help keep realms like Kingsfall alive. Please fix these bugs and let us go smash AQ bugs when we were supposed to, Blizzard.


I agree with all said.


We’ve been working to solve this bug for the realms where it is occurring

  • Some items are not incrementing toward the completion of the AQ War Effort.

We have not yet been able to create an immediate fix.

We believe that we’ll be able to implement a fix in the next few days, most likely with scheduled weekly maintenance in the early morning on May 25.

We’ll let you know if we find a quicker solution.

Thank you for some updates on this!

Can you let us know, on what solution you are currently working? Are you gonna fix the auto-turnin or will you set the missing items on 100%?

In other words: Should we keep farming or not? :slight_smile:

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Are War Efforts likely to get fixed and set as completed with your incoming fix? Given that they were supposed to get completed today

Isn’t it possible to restart those server when the fix is ready to be implemented without having us wait longer than it was mentioned we’d have to wait for gates to open, in your previous and only blue post about this?

For many guild it’d probably mean missing an AQ reset they were supposed to get ( and that other servers in the same state, but without any autocomplete bugs, are getting )

Appreciate the response but could you clarify a bit more what the “fix” is actually for? Is it going to set all mats at 100% completion as was supposed to happen today or is the fix just gonna start the auto turn ins? Because the latter would be quite disappointing as it would take another few weeks for them to complete.

Questions answered, thanks for completing at the worst possible time. But at least its done now. :x

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We now believe that every realm that was stuck is seeing that they are in the “5 days until resources are delivered” stage of the event.

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