Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. WOTLK -?

Blizzard ui is fine lol, only ui that doesnt give me a headache when i look at it

Also there is this bug where you cant dismount Winged Steed of Ebon Blade mount by using your Keybind. You can mount up, but every time you wanna dismount it says " You are mounted " ( no sh!t ), and you gotta manually dismount right click the icon. So annoying…

Edit : you gotta make a macro for it to work lool

Happens all the time. You start mining, and it despawnd right Infront of you before even half the bar is finished. And sometimes nodes are tapped but no one around.


Even some of the mines you cant even mine - immortal mines.

They wont give you ore no matter what.

BG LoS were never changed until they completely revamped bgs in BFA/shadowlands? im not sure

there were special versions of bg for rated arena introduced in cata i suppose or maybe later so for example u cant knock all ppl out in the middle of eots, but LoS on things like wsg trees were never changed - not sure how it is now in revamped versions

BG LoS should be completely different in Wotlk compared to vanilla and tbc, for example you shouldn’t be able to shoot through moutains in Alterac Valley and right now you can. So at the last graveyard before alliance base you just stay behind the rock and hit anyone that will ress…

Also Masters call bug is so frustrating!!! If you press a macro with MC on party member and he is LoSing your pet the pet will go to him and use masters call yet the buff doesn’t appear and doesn’t work this is for sure due to LoS not working properly.

Also on Sapphiron boss fight in NAXX there are incidents that half of the raid dies even if they are behind the ice block, and this is also DUE TO LOS NOT WORKING PROPERLY

We have a big issue with LoS right now that undermines PVP and PVE and no one is making anything about, it it’s just sad.

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auto attacks? just tested on my hunter and this is not the case.

Serpent Sting etc.

Yeah, even youtubers are talking about Sapph LoS behind ice block not working properly. The game is just bug festival
I have never played pvp with so bugged LoS even on private servers…

Basically not much needing fixed eh, looks like they will be doing hotfixes for the duration of wotlk release :smiley:

I think that we will have complete and fixed game AFTER Lich king 25 hc is dead LOL

not sure about every LoS in the game, but things like trees in wsg have never been LoS, mountains in AV probably too, only solid objects like walls were
maybe if ur reference client are private servers which always been more blizzlike than blizzard servers
or maybe we had super little los in bgs in vanila tbc, cata mop wod legion bfa ans shadowlands, but in wotlk we had solid los with every object being los xd

The whole point is to make someone starting to fix issues not to debate which tree should and shouldn’t be a LoS. I hope blizzard knows this better than we do…

yea there are some bugs, but some of them are bugs that were present back then, masters call were bugging back in the day too for example

Is that an argument that is shouldn’t be fixed?

no, but its like should it work like it was back in the day or how it was supposed to work? i mean if it should bug in some specific scenario, what then?
for example
ur a mage u know how to make hunters mc to bug out, because it was like that back in the day, and now its fixed - u come here and write topics how bugged is is now…
or maybe that bug was around back then for balance reasons? its just debate
we can also talk about s1 wrath vs patch 3.3.5… its a part of the issue of classic servers

Youtubers are also listing the bugs that they have found. I really feel like nothing, literally nothing is being done to fix those issues.

You may want to check this thread:

They are fixing bugs nearly every day, it’s just the sheer amount of bugs that may give You a feeling that nothing is being done.

They have fixed Saphh flying animation but not the LoS behind ice block. So now you can look at the flying dragon killing you with a bug lol

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