Burn Notice | S4 for M+ | TWW - Ready For Raiding?

About Us

Greetings, gamers.

We’re Burn Notice, a small group of veteran players who love gaming, laughing, and hanging out together. We’re a bunch of grizzled retired murder-hobos enjoying our last moments of glory before the second beer, naptime, or the call of a low-cal turkey bacon sandwich strikes. We like to keep things light and are always ready to see what happens when you poke things with a stick—for science, of course.

Raiding Schedule

Our raiding style is relaxed, but we still aim high. We remember the glory days and strive to achieve AOTC each season, with the potential to dip our toes into Mythic if we have enough brave souls. So; high like a soaring duck landing on gravel.

  • Raiding Days: Wednesday and Sunday
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Server Time)
  • Current Focus: Getting ready for The War Within expansion and helping members explore classes and dabble in S4.

Mythic+ Keys

We’re pretty chill and will run a range of whatever’s needed. We’re always open to helping returning and newer players, as long as you bring an open mind and some spare memory for the bright crayon addons we’ll likely recommend to help you on your quest for shinies.

At the moment we’ve started pushing into 10s, while some of us still haunt the 2-5 bracket.

We’re Looking For…

We’re currently recruiting all roles for raiding in The War Within and can help learners during this Season 4 window. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a returning player, there’s a place for you. If you’re baked or three sheets to the wind then we can’t help.

  • Healers: Priest, Shaman, or Monk preferred
  • DPS: Open to all classes!
  • Tanks: We’d like more flexibility in our roster, in case one of our tanks gets eaten by a gerbil mysteriously in the night. We’re open to swap arounds.

Where Are We?

Our home is on the Connected Realms: Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Twilight’s Hammer, Agamaggan, and Bloodscalp.

With the upcoming Cross-Realm guilds in The War Within, feel free to join our Discord and hang out until your invite arrives. If you’re playing Remix, you can join from one of the above servers and flex all the cosmetics you’re unlocking.

What sort of degeneracy can I expect from Burn Notice?

  • Our music bot has recently become infected with Bardcore versions of whatever pop song you fancy, leading to great despair upon the realisation Blue Da Ba Dee was viable in the Middle Ages.
  • Most of the guild are parents, so have various warcries of ‘Just a moment, my child has consumed my whole data plan and now I must cry’, ‘Dad Taxi has been summoned’, and ‘you’re old enough to cook now’.
  • We have a Dane who has his own channel for NSFW content because if he doesn’t have his own channel the GM would have to delete his posts.
  • We have an Andy Tax; screenshot whenever you see anyone mention Andies. He represents his people and must be held accountable.
  • Some kind of equality schtick due to the GM’s unfortunate habit of being a woman in spite of clearly being one of the boys, and their wild disinterest in learning more about you outside of your ilvl and playstyle.


We mainly speak English, but you’re welcome to chat in Norwegian or Danish. There seems to be a Scandic invasion in progress, so you’ll feel right at home. As for Swedish, it’s limited to crafting my own insults - potato tables, watch out!

We have two Dutchmen (one’s Belgian but that’s just discount Dutch anyway). I don’t think anyone wants to hear them gargle either way…

How to Apply

If you’re interested in joining Burn Notice, here’s how you can reach out:

  • Discord: torfolking_
  • Battlenet: torfolking#2329
  • In-Game: Form-Emeriss [Alliance] / Serve-Emeriss [Horde]

Find out what comes after the dungeon teleports with us