Burning Crusade Classic: Looking for Group Preview

Burning Crusade Classic: Looking for Group Preview

The Looking for Group tool is coming to Burning Crusade Classic in Overlords of Outland. Read on to learn more about this returning feature.

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Time to give premades back. Makes no sense to take premades away when you also give horde instance queues. Lets be honest, the reason for removing premades was because horde couldnt do them due to long queues. Now queues are instant, no need to go overboard.

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LFG lookin good. Berny approves.


No, Lmafo.

Thanks for the LFG tool, but we should have had it since Day 1. It was present in TBC back then, now all the WTS boosters, rushers, gold sellers are gone at least in this tool.

Seems to work pretty good. Got to do dungeons of my choice for a change.

Looks helpful.

Is there any way to queue for all battlegrounds, or search for all battlegrounds wuthout checking each individually?

Same question for heroics.

LFG changed nothing. On Ten Storms, it is the same and it will be the same until it does not change to be cross realm. Ten storm is empty and it will be like that until let’s say some merge between empty servers. Do not be greedy Activison and wait for more players to pay for the transfer. LFG is just an empty button in-game on ten storm realm. No use of it, sorry but u changed nothing for us.

Yeah no one is using this feature at all. LFG channel with Bulletin board just seems so much better.


Players doing it better than Blizzard, what a surprise.


How is it better to keep spamming LFG channel, (even if it is filtered by a mod) rather than having people select what they want to do, thereby putting themselves on a list, for other people to just look at, and select who they want?

… it’s a bit like a small child presenting their pictures and expecting praise … A really great tool, and did you really do it yourself? Incredibly great!

How long have you been working on it again? Looks like the old one, what exactly did it take all of the weeks for?

now someone tell the players to use it, it looks so dead for me

LFG Bulletin Board addon is just way better

You simply tick which dungeons you want and it parses all the chat channels you have open to find messages with keywords relating to that dungeon

The best thing about it is you can set it to ping you in chat (with a sound) so you don’t even need to look at the addon

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