Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.2 Content Timeline

Thanks for the timeline!

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Thank you for the post. Finally we know more about phase 2. Can you tell us how much the gear will cost less? I think everyone want to know how big the reduced costs are and if there are still rating requirements.
Im currently thinking about how i spend my arena points and honor and im sure many player do too. Please tell us, so we players habe enough time to discuss before offseason starts.

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Did you make a mistake here?
Or does the raid really only come on 16 Sep?
On the german website it says 15 sep (https://worldofwarcraft.com/de-de/news/23716421/entwicklungsupdate-eine-nachricht-an-die-wow-community)


i heard there should be arena s1 discount itmes before points got reset but there are none

According to Blizz previous post from 4th August, Arena Points conversion will take into place on S2 Launch. So yeah, we are going to be able to buy S1 Gear on SALE before that, if Bill$Zard won’t mess up things again.

So according to this blue post we ain’t getting Swift Flight Form until later? P3? P5?

I am very hyped!

That would be so nice! :smiley:

Updated the original post. The Arena Season will end at 10:00 p.m. CEST on 7 September.


And we actually got no points for this week? What the hell?

nice idea to end this season to a completely random timing and inform us one day in advance, so we can’t finish our 10 games this week (8/10)

again and again you keep making bad decions and you not even try to explain yourself

thanks blizzard!

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Dont worry, we didnt get any points so far, even if you did play 10 games.
This keeps getting worse and worse.
Wow …
How is it possible to mess things like this?
The must have someone employed to make the worst decisions and make people mad.
I cant imagine how else things like this can happen.

Nice ninja edit as well, nice “no points”, nice Blizzard fail spree.

So many people got screwed over tonight it’s not even funny…

It says the 15th on the US forums https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/burning-crusade-classic-patch-252-content-timeline/1077822/11

You have to mean that the phase 2 content will unlock the 15th september 00:01 CEST? You’ve said on the US forums that “Phase 2 content unlock will occur at the same moment in all regions worldwide: Wednesday, September 15 at 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT).”.

Is it a worldwide release the 15th or do EU get access to phase 2 content on thursday the 16th? Can you please clarify this?

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The reason we are asking for clarification here, is because we are right now giving you the benefit of the doubt. “Surely they can’t mean Eu gets released in the middle of the night, just to have a synced worldwide release?”.

Because sure you can’t mean that? I respect the consensus of a unified worldwide release time in favour of those who would want to raid for world first etc. But I must ask you, what clientele do you actually believe you harbour in WoW classic? What about the enormous amount of people who probably plan their week around to get their raid day in, and how common do you believe Wednesday is as a raid day? You surely have more intricate numbers than I do, but I have a somewhat of a feeling this is the prime raid day we are talking about. You are screwing all those peoples plans over because… an almost non existent race to world first, of a content that was released 15 years ago?

So again, giving you the benefit of the doubt here. Surely you can’t mean that, and please give us clarification.

i mean for world firsts that makes it kinda unfair for eu guilds coz they’ll have to raid at midnight if they want to be in the race. I know many wont be but still, i was hoping to explore the patch content on wed evening and not have to wait til thursday. And as for clientelle i dont know who they think plays, ive found most of us are old schoolers who have played it back in the day and now have families and day jobs… so raiding at midnight is kinda unlikely on release day (for my guild at least).


Sooo no swift flightform? Why did they tease us with it on the ptr, and then pulled the rug?


Can you guys please clarify if tempest keep and serpentshrine cavern opens on WEDNESDAY 15TH 00:01 or THURSDAY 16TH 00:01 ? It seems quite dumb if it is thursday, yes?

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How are you asking for clarification here? How more clear can “worldwide release at 3pm PDT Sep 15th” be? That is as exact as can be.