Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.2 Content Timeline

With scheduled weekly maintenance (September 1 in this region), we’ll release Patch 2.5.2 for Burning Crusade Classic. This will immediately include Guild Banks, the Group Browser Tool, and the Arena standings update that makes team ranking viewable and award cutoff information available at special Arena NPCs.

The following week, we’ll end Arena Season 1 at 10:00 p.m. CEST on 7 September. This will begin a one-week offseason, and the adjustments to Season 1 Arena and Honor gear costs will go into effect.

Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 2 will begin with the regional reset on September 15 in this region.

That same week, the Phase 2 content unlock will occur at the same moment in all regions worldwide: Thursday, 16 September at 0:01 CEST. This is the time that the Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogri’la content will become available, and Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep will open for business.

Finally, Season 1 awards will go out with the regional reset the following week (September 22 in this region).

Thank you very much!


So, are you going to reduce the cost of Honor offset items? If so, by how much?


You did this with Naxxramas, now you’re doing it again, why are you releasing the content on a THURSDAY when reset day is a wednesday? There is no good reason to do this, come on now.


Soo we will have 12 weeks of season 1? Wasnt the shortest season ever 11 weeks?
I expected 5 months of season 1, not 3.
All the effort I put into my character is gone way too soon.
All the honor I just farmed for my alt is wasted.
All the time i invested to just arena log is gone, I never got to really enjoy the game.

I am extremely disappointed with the way this was handled. Feels like this game is so unstable.
I feel like quitting the game. The grind never ends.
“Thank you” for ruining this game for me. I waited so many years for classic TBC …

With all the distasters blizz is facing, this is the last straw.
I have no faith in this company anymore. Once my Idol, now the worst gaming disappointment.


Sooo tgis was literally by fans demand, dont hqte the company, hate the players

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Requested by some, hated by others.
S1 20 weeks
S2 23 weeks
S2 29 weeks
S2 17 weeks


Well, its always like that, but the fqster group seemed way morr vocal

So when will the arena to honor conversion take place? On Sept 8th or 16th with the release of s2?
In other words: Will we be able to buy some arena pieces with the reduced cost or we should spend them b4 the 8th?


So ratings removed from S1 gear or not in Offseason?

patch note ???

So, you promised a gear cost discount before the season ends. Where is that?


Sooo, original TBC Season 1 was 20 weeks and now you make it 12 weeks long?

No one will have the full pvp set, if they aren’t above 2350+++ rating since week one!

No two week announcement, like almost every other pvp season!

Where are the promised blue rep gear implementations or the reduced prices for arena set gear before the season will end?

What a joke is this man? I mean common? You promise and talk about things, you’ll never implement and then wonder why all people leave World of Warcraft. This company doesn’t get anything done right it seems…

Very poor decisions past few months…


can someone for f* sake tell us if we able buy s1 gear for reduce cost before arena point get converted or not?
and yeh season 1 is too short but i gues all those speed runers who clear all content just ruined the game


Great news as far as PvE is concerned. IMO Phase 2 comes exactly at the right time when G+M was entering “stale” territory for an average PvE player. Correct timing.

Why did you shorten it? It is supposed to be two weeks!

When Season 1 ends, there will be a two-week off-season period.


Yesterday you edited your post, and I see why.

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Poggers! Blizzard your dev skills are top tier!

This. We need to know this.

hype! can’t wait!

open faction change !!! Horde > Aliance free or pay ! pvp is total dead unplayed !

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