Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

EU English PvP clusters are two, yes, but one is populated, the other not.

As per Blue post:

The one with Flamelash and Dreadmist is the unpopulated cluster

Merge allPvE into one
Merge all PvP into one
Or make only one PvE server.

And in any case leave the RP servers alone.

This is simply not true. I can in my AH see auctions from the 2 other PvE servers.


Aaahhh! :bulb:

Some time ago I was curious about the era realm population on the EU realms, and just picked randomly one PVP realm - Firemaw, if I remember correctly
Guess i chose the right one :smiley:


I just wanted to write: They NEVER merged a PVE and a PVP realm before, this won`t happen.
But well… :see_no_evil:


They actually did with the KdV cluster recently. But at this time there where no more RP PvP Realms.

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I completely missed that. Didn`t have much time the last few years to really play, and if i had time, i played more on Celebras.

My “old home realm” back then was “Das Syndikat” which is part of this cluster… :sweat_smile:

Yes, the PVP tag is gone a long time ago, when Warmode was introduced :persevere:

Can you please look at faction imbalance as well? it’s not that hard to give the dominating faction free faction changes and especialy to lock character creations for that faction. There are pvp servers with 99.3% of players in the same faction. I subscribed yesterday after giving up on retail months ago, and I quit today after seeing the only decent pvp server in EU is locked. All other servers are either one-sided or really low pop. (only considering english speaking servers because i have 0 interest in any other but still…)

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Apparently Blizzard does expect players to start from scratch:

They probably don`t expect that enough players of the other faction will come back or start fresh, to even out these realms.

in the german boards, players from at least one of these realms are asking for free char transfers for a while already. This kind of realms exist probably everywhere…

What Blizzard does offer them, are fresh realms to start on with lvl 1.

The only thing to hope for now is for the F R E S H :tm: realms (and hopefully there’s at least one PvE realm among them) and the PvE => PvP transfer to take the pressure off the existing PvE realms so that they wil be just somewhat playable when Wrath launches.

To me it looks like Blizz has forgotten that they have not only one player coomunity, the PvP crew, but also a PvE crew and a RP crew. And we need to have homes for all of these - and within crews even room for people with different playstyles and preferences.
Where is the freedom of choice?

More news coming soon :tm: I’m waiting eagerly.

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I’m still waiting to read their plans for PvE servers.

The European PvE servers need to be connected based on their language.

Pyrewood Village can remain as it is because it has 8000 people. But Nethergarde keep with 4500 and Mirage Raceway with 6500 need to be connected.

Of course they can connect all three.

You can’t be serious!
I hope they open 2 new PvE realms to take off the pressure from those 3 at Launch. Else we’ll not play but first sit in a Queue to log in and then stand in line in-game to figth for every node, mob and Quest objective.
Or I hope for enough PvE players to take rhe new PvE => PvP transfer.

  • Keep LFD, Dual spec, Race and Faction changes in Wrath Classic (but not at launch)

  • Give 2 Era servers for TBCC

  • Let the RP servers survive … or give a new, non-fresh PvE realm for transfer


My thought, too.

These Realms would be overcrowded, especially on Release, and a lot of people would complain about having to wait to login…

I hope our RP Realms stay, i do not want to play on such a huge realm.
However, Blizzard is doing a lot of stuff to NOT have to connect realms in Wrath.

Don`t think it will happen at the moment


again, @Kaivax: please leave the rp servers alone. otherwise we will be homeless as well as many other players who will come back to wotlk!


What connection?
In France and Russian there is only one PvE Server, Spain has only a PvP Server and Portugal and Italy do not even have a realm. In DACHL we have four PvE Realms from them there is one RP Realm that is the only Low Population realm the rest is at least medium.
Except the Russian Chromie the only PvE Realms that are on Low Pop are the RP Realms and they do not even close the only Russian PvE Realm despite closing the Rest of their PvP Realms except Пламегор (Flamegor) as they are on low too.
So please can the german and english RP Servers get their exception too?


You’re so rigth. We will even agree to people using the RP servers as overflow, when all three English PvE servers go Full with queues at launch.

  • Keep LFD, Dual spec, Race and Faction changes in Wrath Classic (but not at launch)

  • Give 2 Era servers for TBCC

  • Let the RP servers survive … or give a new, non-fresh PvE realm for transfer


We’ve updated the original post to reflect that we’ve decided to keep Hydraxian Waterlords intact, and make it the preferred realm in this region for RP.

We will soon open Free Character Transfers from all other realms in the region to Hydraxian Waterlords, so that any players who now wish to move back to the realm may do so.


Great stuff, listening to feedback! :slight_smile: Can you also consider opening Firemaw transfers for accounts with one or more max level character on it already? Feel free to strip transfering characters of gold, if economy abuse is the reasoning behind the transfer lock for these accounts. Thanks

Okay but Celebras? Does that mean we germans have now transfer all to an english server?
I mean we did not wanted without reason to have Celebras.


You Germans have Venoxis, which has grown in size. Either that (guessing it will be default) or an English server if you want to play on an RP server I will assume.

So if i’m reading this correctly, you plan on destroying RP-PVP and make us choose between a pvp server or a RP-PVE? I don’t know about how the rest of the community feels about this but you can’t just tell us we need to swap our play style or “make do” with a normal pvp! to keep things fair you have to cater for everyone!


It’s a lose-lose for Blizz here if they have to do this. Either the target won’t be PvP, or it won’t be RP. Can’t have both, and the same can be said in the opposite direction if Hydraxian moved to us on ZT.

I appreciate the heads up, at least. People can still log in a while before the 10th and move their characters.

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Seems more like a lose/lose for us RP players more then anything