Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10

Update – August 10 – 3:30 CEST

Realm consolidations are underway and characters remaining on the following realms are being moved:

Original Realm Destination Realm
Celebras Hydraxian Waterlords
Zandalar Tribe Hydraxian Waterlords
Bloodfang Mograine
Dragon’s Call Mograine
Dragonfang Mograine
Dreadmist Mograine
Finkle Mograine
Flamelash Mograine
Gandling Mograine
Harbinger of Doom Mograine
Heartstriker Mograine
Judgement Mograine
Lucifron Mograine
Noggenfogger Mograine
Razorgore Mograine
Rhok’delar Mograine
Shazzrah Mograine
Skullflame Mograine
Stonespine Mograine
Ten Storms Mograine
Wyrmthalak Mograine

To maintain healthy populations for Burning Crusade Classic realms, we’ve regularly reviewed realm populations and offered Free Character Transfers from realms that dropped to a low population. Additionally, we’ve made the decision to retire some Burning Crusade Classic realms and consolidate their remaining players onto other realms that have higher populations. We plan to perform this realm consolidation and retire the following realms with weekly maintenance the week of August 10:

Dragon’s Call
Harbinger of Doom
Ten Storms
Zandalar Tribe

What this means is that all of the Burning Crusade Classic realms listed above will be retired and will no longer be accessible after August 10. All player-characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post a full list of retiring realms and their destinations soon.

Please note: Player-characters that are automatically moved during the realm consolidation on August 10 may be unavailable for up to two weeks thereafter.

All of the realms in the list above currently have Free Character Transfers available to multiple active destination realms. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Free Transfers prior to August 10 to choose your destination. Utilizing this service will move your characters quickly and will allow you to avoid being subject to the automatic migration on August 10.

Find more information on Free Character Transfers here.

In the coming weeks, we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from Normal to PvP realms in Burning Crusade Classic. At that time, we will open additional Free Character Transfers from underpopulated Normal realms wherever appropriate, and we will remove the rule on PvP realms that prevents players from having characters in both factions on the same PvP realm in Burning Crusade Classic. We’ll confirm all of the details as soon as we’re ready to take those steps.

Thank you!

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We still need free transfers for Horde characters OFF of Earthshaker, Horde side is unplayable there.


So this is pretty amazing and unexpected news. Never expected for realms to be “retired”… but it’s obvious that this was needed. Here’s hoping for better and healthier realm populations come Wrath.


And Spanish Realm? Mandokir?
We are few people. We need more people, What happen?


Blizzard never merge/consolidate together servers with different lengauge, and it have sense tbh.

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I don’t see Razorgore EU in the list… We’re down to 250 characters (not people), world is completely empty, 5-man content is impossible to find groups for, Island of quel danas is not progressing, hard stuck phase 2 20%.

At this point we won’t even be able to get gem or badge vendors.

Let us leave. Please. We just want to play the game.


if you read the post they said they will open up free transfers.

  • good job blizzard, good decision. now please dungeon finder + faction change.

In the coming weeks, we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from Normal to PvP realms in Burning Crusade Classic.

Actually an amazing, unexpected change. thanks

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Hopefully you can look at faction imbalance soon. Earthshaker (horde), Mograine (alliance), Razorgore (alliance) and Ashbringer (horde) are just a few examples of servers not on this list that are unplayable for certain factions at this point, with no options except spending money to transfer or start fresh.


Looks like Razorgore is where they drew the line. Weird, considering it’s also pretty dead. They might be hoping that some choose to go to Razorgore, but I’m hardpressing X to doubt on that one. Best case scenario you get the bulk of auto transfers of dead chars which might come back for WotLK.

Does this mean you’re going to lose your nickname after they move your chars to new realm? That sucks. Could’ve been better decision if they merged those realms.


this news really suprised me. but in a way this could have been addressed earlier.

Why isn’t Ashbringer included ? That realm is dead, there is nobody to play with it’s completely empty. There is like 1 dude in shattrath right now and 0 people in orgrimmar. I can’t even play the game because of this.


If you read the post carefully again they said they will open free transfers from underpopulated Normal realms, term used for PvE realms in this post.

See? It’s not even Normal realms. It’s Normal realms wherever appropriate, so only selected PvE realms are going to get free transfers.

They use this kind of shady wording to distract players as much as possible from intent. Just wait for blue post stating only the smallest PvE realms got free transfers and an excuse how they never said that PvP realms will get it as well.

Ahahahahahaaaaaa Kaviax even closed the thread about FCTs, the biggest thread on EU forums. Just to not discuss state of dying PvP realms.

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Very disappointed that Razorgore isn’t on the list, the server’s been dying slowly over the past 9 months and I can’t see the situation getting any better. There’s no pugs going on, the AH is almost dead and Isle is progressing at a rate of ~1% per day. We don’t even have the portal to IQD open yet. People are literally using characters as mules to bring over gems and consumes for our raids from Firemaw.

That being said, I’m hoping that Razorgore will be mentioned later in free transfers, seeing as this was part of the post:

Won’t be holding my breath though. Absolutely hate the idea of spending over 100€ just to get to play the game again.


Why oh why will you not help the stranded players on razorgore? If your plan is to automatically transfer a load of dead players to boost the server numbers that’s just a joke. Just bite the bullet and give us the transfer you absolute clowns


Blizzard is a clown company. So much text for so little content. Really great! The 0 players on Lucifron are finally reliefed.
This announcement is absolutly irrelevant since basically 0 players are affected by it. Pro tip: Don‘t even bother to post it next time since you only make people more angry with it by ignoring their situation. And now stop virtue signalling and get back to the desk and think about how you help the realms on which there are players left who would actually be affected by such an announcement.

No kidding, if it wasn’t so sad I could laugh about this company all day long.


Yeah exactly. A wall of text just to tell us they are lifting the PvE → PvP transfer restriction and adding ability to have characters from both factions on a single server.

Razorgore forgotten again, what a joke. Maybe in 2 more months after waiting 6. :HOPIUM: