Burning Crusade Classic Same-faction Battlegrounds

Along with scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, we’re re-enabling same-faction Battlegrounds. A same-faction Battleground will now occur when an opposite-faction match cannot be made after a short time. We currently intend for this system to be in place for the rest of Burning Crusade Classic.

We’re also re-enabling the setting that restricts premade Battleground groups to a maximum of 5 players. We expect this to be a temporary measure. We’re investigating our options, and we’ll let you know more in the future about what our long-term plans are for pre-made Battleground groups.

Thank you very much!


Realy not the best move blizzard, now people know that if they complain laudly enough they will get what ever they want


Great move Blizzard, now people know that our voices are heard!


I told people this would happen.


Can you please introduce faction change as well?


I wouldn’t bother, they never come back to these posts in the EU.

Fantastic move, thank you Blizzard for listening to the community, testing it out, using the data and putting a reasonable plan into action


Yeah but this is truly screwing Alliance so much. We’re already seeing a huge exodus of Alliance players on Razorgore, with the people left behind basically not doing anything but PvE. This makes it nigh impossible to find arena mates. Horde versus Horde just takes away any last bit of advantage you have as Alliance. I don’t know anymore, they’re just killing the faction bit by bit.

Add to that the fact that we’re already the smaller faction ever since TBCC was released (overall) and it’ll only get worse. I don’t know I’m sort of losing an interest in playing the game anymore.


Cool, thanks. I sure won’t be doing any max level content ever because of all the changes you made to PvP, btw.

Messed with rating, cutoffs in arena, and then even casual BGs. No PvP at max untouched by whatever new awful team in charge of TBC. Zero hope for a good WOTLK release.


Shame on Blizzard for implementing this change - it has already had a catastrophically negative impact on the experience of so many of your customers. First the paid boost dramatically destabilised populations on many (most?) PvP servers, now you’re beating another nail into the coffin, without any comment, without any plan to improve the player experiences you have ruined, and with server failures continuing to occur.

Why can’t this company solve one problem without causing another, far more ludicrous, far more existential one? Why do they treat their customers’ problems with such disdain?

This is a slow motion fiasco, and what infuriates me is that we know, with 100% certainty, that this means disaster for the game and community. Why? Because it’s the ‘solution’ they tried in retail, and it has destroyed the Alliance there.

Why is the company incapable of learning from its mistakes? Why is it indifferent to the damage it does to its own customers? Did it even explore the more meaningful, permanent balance solutions that we’ve all been screaming about for months? Appalling, incompetent and shameful.


Just leave it on for good this time plz :smile:


Glad to know that horde is forever the favourite faction :slight_smile:
When can we remove factions?

Or do you plan on offering incentives for players to roll alliance?


yes you get a box with ca. 5g worth of stuff every bg win :slight_smile:

Why do you need to make both changes? Short horde queues for HvH should be enough and folk can still pre-made and be rewarded for playing an MMO and making friends.

Since the pre-mades have been enabled again, I’ve made so many new friends on this new realm and built a number of relationships that make me want to log in; once again, the retail mentality of convoluted systems is interfering with the brilliant game that is WoW. If people group up and decide to play together, then absolutely an advantage should be obtained. I’m not a fan of Horde vs Horde but if it’s the choice between players having >1hr queues, then let’s go with that change…

A loss for words on the awful changes that have been made so far in TBC.

Horde vs Horde makes it impossible for you to find an arena partner as alliance? Thats a new one LOL


Thank you very much Kaivax, great change which will help save the game for many of us.

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Bernysanders approves.

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So much incentive am I right XD.

No, it makes people quit the game or re-roll horde, meaning there is a smaller pool of available players for arenas. This will eventually lead to the faction balance swinging even more in favor of horde.


Oh my god finally. Me and my friendS resub. EZ

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