Burning Crusade Classic Season 3 Ends 4 May

The time has come for Arena teams to push to the finish and climb to the top of the leaderboards. Burning Crusade PvP Season 3 will end with maintenance May 4, 2022.

Burning Crusade Classic PvP Season 4 will begin later in May 2022. We’ll let you know exactly when and all the details surrounding that soon.


Stop rushing content please.


2 weeks notice? rofl gj blizzturds


Why two weeks notice? You are making gear planning very, very, very hard. People are spending arena points thinking there’s 1 or 2 months left of season.


Why are you rushing content?


I agree Stabdy, my husband and i are still progressing Gruul’s Lair, it is way too early to release Sunwell Plateau.


I hope I can get my T4 legs before it releases.

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I’m never going to get glad :frowning:

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me wanty more t6 raidies with the boys

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This is absolutely insane. Whoever makes these executive decisions needs to be fired, immediately.

You guys focus on hiring a “Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer”, rather than fixing the core issue of the game. What drugs are you currently hooked up to? Asking for a friend.


You have got to be joking… Dude … seriously. Just so you guys can cover your fiscal quarters and raise revenues… Rushing content. This isn’t what i signed up for. And it looks like wotlk will be the same. Shame…

3 months and a half of one of the most desired raids in wow… that’s what’s gonna be the end of it.


Arguably the most iconic arena season ever… that lasted for 8+ months in original version of the game.
What is wrong with you


Sadly I have a feeling WotLK will be the same and it will last also just one year. Everything will be rushed up, players just get hands on pvp bis and season will end 1-2 weeks straight after they get it, not even having a chance to enjoy the long grinded gear, some people won’t even manage to get it at all. I’m having doubts to again put my energy and time to another classic expansion when most likely you will do the same thing what you are doing right now to tbc. Players wanted no changes, you promised no changes and here we are, cutting expansion by half. At least you could have said that in advance so we would know what to expect. Big disappointment, again.


Not only can’t you even edit a copied post properly (title says ends 4 May, but text still shows the US may 3?) but also you guys just dont care about your players at all.

You straight didnt react to any post about server issues or anything else. No response from blizzard or the so great “community council”.

Yet you give a two weeks heads up for a pvp season end, while lots of players around 1.8k wont be able to even finish their arena sets.

All you care about is the top end players, in pvp and pve. But you forget that most of your playerbase are casual players. So while you rush out content to suit the top end players you lose your casual ones and will end up with less subs than before. I just hope that your quarterly reports are going to suck.

And you guys still wonder why private servers still have an active playerbase. Maybe its because they actually have human support, a known timeline before a release and some grasp for their playerbase.

Can’t tell in words how disappointed i am with blizzard nowadays and it prolly wasnt worth it to come back to pay a monthly subscription after 12 years for such a idgaf about my customers mentality if i can have a way better experience for free.

BT > ZA = 25 weeks
ZA > SW = 19 weeks

Classic TBC
BT > ZA = 9 weeks
ZA >SW = 8 weeks

OG Season 3: 7 Months
This Season 3: 4 Months"


Season 3 was the longest season in original TBC - and you’ve reduced it to 2 weeks less than Season 2 in TBCC classic (almost half of the original season) with 2 weeks notice…

Everyone was expecting at least 4-6 weeks more which is why people are disappointed.


This is the reason why people wanted #nochanges.
Somehow, this company manages to mess up things that no one would even expect can be messed up. How can it be this bad?

We need a minimum of 4 more weeks of season 3. Even that is short. 6-8 more would be on point.

I hope there is a massive backlash against this.

#nochanges !


How s3 (p3 and p4 content)can be shorter than s2 (p2 content)?
The most iconic pvp season goes to trash

edited: also how season 3 that is so heavy on PVE gear is shorter than season 2 that has little impact with pve, it doesnt make sense


No words for this, thx for ruining everyones mood by rushing this phase for no reason! I was so hyped for tbcc cause its my favorite expansion but im getting more and more frustrated by rushed content. most of my guild will also not play wotlk, guess we will see each other out faster than expected… sadge


hm do i continuesly laugh at people or do i smh , which one should it be…

OG TBC = Season 3 = SWP NOT with Zul Aman ! season 3 gear is equivalent to T6 PVE gear (armor pen stat)

All you people crying about “it wasnt like this in OG TBC” most likely didnt even play :wink:

As for “progressing Gruul” at the end of the expansion… either you forgot about TBCC or you rerolled multiple times and fyi the game isnt about you or me its about the majority

Cya all in WoTLK when you cry about the same things