Burning Crusade Classic: The Sunwell Plateau is Now Open!

So blizz are we going to start arena teams with 1500 rating if you are planning on keeping that stupid requirement on offparts ?

Let me get this straight, they are removing the raid instance gating but still gating off the badge loot? If my memory is right the badge vendor was not immediately available? If this turns out to be the case then it’s going to make the “surprise sunwell is coming out next week” even worse for any players hoping to get some gear catchup done.

I joined a new guild a couple weeks ago, cleared BT 3x with them but with some pugs as they are still forming a core. The idea was we’d have just enough time to get it together before Sunwell, that is no longer the case as there is no way we can be ready by next thursday so serious discussions are taking place.

Blizzard screws everyone by not giving enough notice and preparation time.

It prolly was, but somebody still has to do it, with or without the experience.

Gotta get those WOTLK MTX faster, ehh? God damn greedy goblins. Fix the queue already.


Pretty much the gist of it, as far as i can gether the Isle is meant to be parallel progression for casuals. Not exactly a catch up right away. That said i can easily see how it could have blindsided people, especially if they didn’t watch the PTR news.

SWP supposedly has some very hard gearchecks so might be quite tough, without T6 gear. So you might want to run more MH/BT

What an absolute joke you are Blizz. Let me guess, the same badge vendor intern was dealing with this release also?

1 weeks notice, barely enough time to organise a raid let alone all the guild admin behind a new release.

Not to mention the weird half-gated-half-not release. Either drop ALL of it at once, or, maybe let people enjoy the original gated releases of the bosses as well?

The only thing this smacks of is “get swp out the door so we can get wotlk out asap”.

Can you maybe engage with your customers somehow? Because not 1 person ive spoken to thinks this is OK how you are dropping it.

At least try and save some face, put it back a week, put the original gated releases in.

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I played in a semi-hardcore speedkill/private server guild at launch and the guild disbanded after clearing T5 on the PTR as it turned out most players wanted a lot less “hardcore” than we were doing, we lost so many players who quit TBC altogether that the guild died.

So I took a long break and didn’t touch WoW for a while. Came back and played casual slowly catching up from phase 1 gear level and then 3 weeks ago I joined a newly formed T6 clearing guild (recruited by a member of the former guild), with some players almost fully decked in T6 (including a Warglaive etc), but I and a few others clearly needed about 2-3 weeks more loot to even walk in the front door of Sunwell.

Then they announce it’s coming out in just a week I’m undergeared, I could have smoothed that over if the Sunwell badge vendor was available, but without that I’m pretty much screwed. I’ve done Sunwell before and I’m well aware that my current gear is not enough to take me beyond Kalecgos.

A week notice is just too short notice. On retail we know like 3-4 weeks in advance the launch date of a new patch. Private servers have had better communication than this.

Somehow i question how you have like 500 badges and gear that’s still deeply subpar. How fast you will get the badge vendor depends on how big your realm is most likely, as your Island has to reach phase 3.

Your best bet is probably to run ZA on every reset and look into the P4 badge stuff, until then.

Where did you get 500 badges from? From the Sunwell vendor I’d need between 105 and 205 badges (ring + offhand weapon, possibly legs), I have 75 badges left over from P1 even. With a single Karazhan and some heroics I’ve already covered the two most important items there, the badge cost is irrelevant really.

My gear isn’t “deeply subpar” until you consider how geared you really want to be for Sunwell, my char is roughly on par with a T5 BIS character, comfortably strong enough for trampling T6 but laughably underwhelming for Sunwell.


If you solved your own server imbalance problems then you wouldn’t need to rush to get WotLK out, to draw all those people back in who left because of that very problem, now would you Blizzard? :clown_face:

Under the assumption you would wish a lot of the possible items since that’s how i understood your situation, from what you said.
45- OH
60 RIng
75 Boots
75 Hands
75 Waist
100 Chest
100 Leg
105 MH
150 ranged weapon
+15 per epic gem

That’s 785 maximum, before gems. (I know some of those are not very good, even when compared to older tiers of raid gear) Good luck on drops this week!

Too bad Blizzard is trying to kill TBC so fast to release Wrath ASAP. Let us enjoy the game at a decent pace!


Hyjal/BT is so easy and has been cleared by most guilds the first 2 weeks of release. Even with Sunwell releasing now, you can still do those raids like… I don’t see the issue.

May 11th the portal is not there.

You need to go there first via quests.

Why did they remove the necessary ratings for the rest of the set ?
The difference between s3 and s4 is not huge in stats, and I think it was challenging to have small rewards at each rating level, as was the case before, play to win s4 stuff.

Hello. Just wanted to say that people who play TBC, but won’t be playing wotlk exist. It’s sad that we can’t keep playing last phase of TBC like classic players do. I’ll be waiting for SoM for this expansion then, and i expect to be able to use my 58 lvl boost again (or all players who didn’t play classic SoM to be able to have one character at this level instead).

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true… I liked the progression part before dung and raid, but Bobby needs a new boat before selling to MS.
The progression part shows i players are willing to raid

wotlk waiting room

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