Burning Crusade Classic: The Sunwell Plateau is Now Open!

Burning Crusade Classic: The Sunwell Plateau is Now Open!

Get ready to join the Shattered Sun Offensive and face Kil'jaeden in Sunwell Plateau in the next content phase of Burning Crusade Classic.

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What’s the justification for not even doing the original stage unlocks on Isle of Quel Danas.

That’s like releasing AQ and having the War of the Shifting Sands be an irrelevant side show…

You guys sure are squirting BCC out like crazy.


Legit clueless


May 12 2023 right?

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Whoever is that idi… person in charge of timing for phases, fire them, fire them immediately and sue the hell out of them for hurting your game …


Haha! So true…

To get Wrath out faster, duh! Wrath hype!


Raid releasing midnight Friday morning
Many guilds raiding on Wednesday

1 week’s notice for people to figure out if they can move things around to accomodate different raid days

Good one blizz


Any specific reason on the short term notice? I;m pretty sure this date would have been known for a prolonged period of time, any particular reason to not communicate this at an earlier stage? Thanks!

Terrible! 1 weeks notice… Blizzard what on earth has happened to you!?


the reason is that blizzard doesn’t give a crap about classic

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why do you guys dont give us more time to prepare…

no time to push arena teams when you release raid at the same time

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I can sum up how I feel (like others) in a gif already on the interwebs…

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I’m at a loss for words. It genuinely feels like a race to get through TBC to reach Wrath. Why are we getting such short notices? Why are you cutting phase 3/4 short? Why are you not releasing Sunwell with bosses staggered like it originally was?

You claim to be listening to the community, yet you turn around and do this. What’s going on…


Sure, zerg out TBC as if it’s not liked so you can sell more boosts when the prepatch for wrath releases in 4 months, right? GJ listening to the ‘wRaTh wAitInG rOoM lOL’.

This way TBC will be out, what? A little more over a year and a few months? GG blizz.


They dont care, they just need to keep numbers decent until Microsoft takes over and shareholders are somebody elses problem.

So you’re rushing Sunwell out this soon after ZA and you’re also skipping the unlocking event? It’s like private server stuff “surprise!” one week notice for a rushed raid launch.

A weeks notice is really ridiculous, I actually remember thinking when WOTLK was announced as “this” year that “oh maybe they will rush out Sunwell and it will already be here by June!” - Even by my estimations of a rushed Sunwell launch I was playing it too safe.


I understand that short term profits are the topmost priority, hence the rushed content.

But why on earth are you rushing notices? Are you really in hurry so much that you forgot to mention in your official notice that NEW 5-man instance is available?

What kind of marketing is this? You can’t even advertise your product properly. Marketing department should have been fired long ago.


The Isle of Quel’danas will still have it’s progression. Only the Raid will be released, in full instead of being time gated. (Which would screw lower pop servers to no end i might add)


For real tho, why you rushin’.